lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

Lily's world

   Medicine tastes awful, at least most of the times. Lily wasn’t just going to drink it and she made sure her mother realized this very late at night. Lily would not go wouldn’t go to bed without her mother reading a story and she had decided that was the best time to make Lily drink a new medicine. Wrong. All wrong, Lily thought, because ruining story time was for her one of the worst things any of her parents could do to her. Granted, they could get violent but the most violent she had seen them was in Christmas when Dad had decided to yell at Sparky, their dog, for “unwrapping” the presents at an earlier time. He yelled at him for several minutes until the dog left the room and wasn’t seen until the next day.

 But Lily wasn’t Sparky and, to be fair, Mom wasn’t yelling. She was just being a mom and who could blame her? Lily understood it was kind of like a job and that they had responsibilities as making her do things she hated, but that was a bit too much. Lily thought that it was time to make her voice heard and she bluntly said no to the medicine. She didn’t even felt sick. She was jus fine but her mother insisted every single night for the remainder of the week and Lily refused every single one of those times. To be honest, Lily was amazed at herself. She was known to be very obedient and a “good girl” most of the time, but she just felt this time her mother had gone too far, she was overdoing the whole mother thing and that was not acceptable, not for Lily.

 Of course, she told this to her mother who looked at her and smiled. Yes, she smiled. Lily was equally as surprised. It didn’t make sense that a parent smiled when their children misbehaved. But there she was, her mom just smiling and almost laughing. The most offensive thing happened the next morning during breakfast when Mom told Dad about the incident. Dad laughed louder and grabbed his sides because they hurt of so much laughter. It was so unbearable to see, Lily just wanted to get on her bus to school and get it going with numbers and historical characters and all that. She’d rather have that than her crazy parents back home. It was even weirder because a laugh hadn’t been heard at home for quite some time.

 In school, Lily told her best friend Anne about what had happened. Anne was fast, which Lily liked, and told her parents had times when they behaved like that. They just went crazy for a few hours and then they returned to whatever they were doing or thinking before. According to Anne, this behavior was natural when people grew as old as their parents were. Just imagine living up to forty years old! It wasn’t an easy thing, or at least that’s what Anne thought. After their discussion about parents, they had a nice lunch together, sharing what each one had brought from home. Anne ate Lily’s ham sandwich and Lily took Anne’s carrot cupcake. She liked doing that every day.

 Back at home, Lily realized Anne had been correct: her mother was behaving normally, busy with her work at home. Her dad wasn’t going to be there for a few hours so it was safe for her to assume that he was normal again too. She smiled at the thought of it and realized that maybe her parents had still some child like feelings inside. She thought that forty years was a long time but maybe in all that time, they still remembered how it was when they were smaller. It had been grandma who explained to her that her parents hadn’t been adults all the time and than they had been kids like her one day. Her mother had shown her pictures and it was amazing how similar the girl in the picture was to her.

 At dinner, her parents attacked again. Yes, her dad was normal, not crazy. They told her that taking the medicine would only take some time and after that every single medicine would be barred from the house, never coming back again. She was almost convinced by them but decided at the last minute to stick to her revolution. She told them that she was tired of drinking all those medicines and that she had just had it. She didn’t want to keep feeling that awful taste in her mouth every time she went to bed. She told them that she just wanted to be like Anne, who hadn’t taken any medicine in years and who never went to the doctor. She was just tired of it all and wanted to be just a normal girl, like any other.

 She had won the round. Her parents changed the subject to something about the house, something with bills or who knows, so he tuned out after that.  What was worth mentioning was the fact that apparently her decision had been respected and that she had done something for herself. And that felt great. She felt like all those girls in the movies or in TV that just stand up for what they think and like. She felt really good and told Anne the following day. Anne was very happy for her and told her that her mom said that every girl needed to stand up for herself, especially against men. Anne’s mom had divorced her husband recently. But the girls didn’t understood about that but they did understand what she said.

 They decided to recruit other girls and form the first Young Girls Alliance against every single thing that was done against them. Basically, whenever they got reunited, whereas it was in school or outside, they would discuss ways to persuade their parents not to make them do things they didn’t want them to do. Even a boy, Roger, wanted to come into the group but they told him it was only for girls but that if they decided to accept boys they would tell him right away. He smiled at this and left. Essentially, it was all about not been forced to eat broccoli, visit people that they considered gross  o do things that no one ever wanted to do like cleaning their bedrooms.

 Word got to a teacher, apparently because someone had betrayed the Alliance, and then several parents were called to the school. The girls thought they would all be suspended from school to something but nothing as bad ever came to happen. Their parents had been in the school, talking to Mrs. Steele who was the headmistress, but apparently things were not as bad as they thought. If anything, things had become a little more enjoyable, both at home and in school. At home, Mom and Dad were always smiling and playing and just having a nice time, like never before. And it school, every single adult had been infected with the “smiley” virus. It was amazing to se it all around them, never stopping. Maybe they really had been successful in changing things for girls all around, maybe the Alliance was just what the world needed.

 But that thought didn’t last much longer. One day, in the middle of their break, a woman came for Roger and took him away. This was very odd as Jason’s parents, like Anne’s were divorced. But what was very weirder was that his mother had never come to leave him in school or pick him up. Actually, Lily did not recall having never seen her and she had known Roger for quite some time. He had been the only boy she had ever liked as a friend, as he was polite and clean, not like all the others. He was almost like a girl, which was the way things should be in a perfect world, at least according to Lily.

 She told what had happened at school to her parents and they didn’t seem surprised but their smiles were absent during dinner. It was of particular note that it was one of the few days she had received so many kisses before bedtime and from both of her parents. Both of them tucked her in and told her how much they loved her and how much they wanted her to be the best girl ever. They told her that they were very proud of her and her convictions and they encouraged her to be the best Lily she could ever be. It was a very strange thing but the truth was that Lily loved it. And she did because he loved her quirky parents, always saying and doing weird things that she may never understand.

 Roger never came back to school and it was a very hot topic during the morning break and lunch, at least for a week. Then, everyone stopped speaking about it. It was sad she would never see Roger again but maybe he was going to be happy in his new school, as she was sure his mom would put him in another school. It was strange, but that whole thing and the war about her medicine made her think a lot. She realized that parents were strange but not only them but all the rest of the adults and the world too. She discussed at length with Anne, who thought parents were just doing what they knew how to do and that’s why they were parents.

 Lily went on with her Alliance, advising girls in every single kind of problem or inconvenience. She knew that they all needed help for something or other and she wanted to be there to help. Maybe that was what she was going to do wen she became an adult. But thinking about it scared her and made her feel sick, so she decided to be the best girl she could. There would be another time to be a grown up but, for now, it was best if they just talked with Anne about those singing boys on TV.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2015

Lo desconocido

   Lo que ellos vieron o no vieron fue materia de discusión por años y años. Al fin y al cabo, solo eran una pareja de amigos que viajaban de noche y, para muchos que escuchaban la historia, podría tratarse de un caso relacionado con el alcohol o las drogas. No habían sido personas de desconfiar ni nada parecido, pero es que la historia era tan increíble que no se sostenía de pie por si misma y era más fácil asumir que algo externo había tenido que ver en todo el asunto. Ellos contaron sus historia varias veces, tanto a la policía como a todo el que se sentara a escucharlos el tiempo suficiente. Pero después de un tiempo dejaron de hacerlo. No tenía más sentido tener que decir lo mismo una y otra vez si nunca les iban a creer ni media palabra.

 Años después, un tabloide sacó la noticia de que habíamos sido abducidos por extraterrestres. Ellos quisieron decir algo, para que la gente dejara de pensar que eran locos y que eran ellos los que inventaban semejantes historias pero se lo pensaron mejor y decidieron no hacerlo. Para qué volver a revivir el ridículo y  todos esos momentos donde los hacían sentirse del tamaño de una pulga. No, no valía la pena. La verdad solo vale la pena cuando le sirve a alguien de algo y lo cierto es que muchas veces no es así entonces todo el mundo prefiere ignorar lo que pasa. Con el tiempo, los dos amigos, unidos por el suceso que habían compartido, se enamoraron y se casaron. Pero eso nadie lo supo sino hasta tiempo después.

Fue cuando ya habían pasado unos diez años cuando Arturo empezó a sentirse mal. Se mareaba, algunas veces desmayándose por completo en sitios como la oficina o la cocina de la casa. Cuando Daniel llegaba del trabajo, lo encontraba allí tirado y pensaba que los males para ellos nunca iban a terminar. Muchas veces se preguntaron que era lo malo que habían hecho, que daño le habían causado a la gente? Era todo como una maldición. Arturo se sometió a exámenes que revelaron que no era cáncer ni nada parecido. Pero si encontraron algo en su pie un objeto que salía en las radiografías. Pero dijeron que era mejor no operar y que probablemente era grasa acumulada, algo muy normal.

 Cuando volvieron a casa, discutieron. A los dos, el suceso les había recordado lo vivido hacía años. Los nervios, la incertidumbre y todo lo demás. No era lo correcto tener que sentir miedo de esa manera y vivir así, al borde de la silla. Arturo pensaba que debían hablar con alguien, discutirlo y evitar que todo ello les carcomiera la mente. Pero Daniel no quería revivir nada del pasado y prefería que se quedara allí lejos, en un lugar donde no pudiera lastimarlos más. Se sentían débiles y cansados pero a la final Arturo le dijo a Daniel que si no se sacaban todo lo que tenían en sus mentes, siempre estaría corriendo de sí mismo y que así no se podía vivir. Así que Daniel aceptó hablar con alguien.

 Buscaron por todos lados un sicólogo que fuese competente pero que no tuviera nada que ver con fenómenos inexplicables. Querían alguien que les dijera la verdad y que fuese objetivo. Encontraron al doctor Warner, un hombre reconocido en su campo por ayudar a victimas de grandes desastres como las familia de varios accidente aéreos. El hombre parecía saber lo que decía e hicieron una cita. Ese día estaban muy nerviosos y cuando los hicieron pasar, las piernas les temblaban. Normalmente el doctor no hacía citas dobles, pero aceptó esa ocasión por tratarse de un caso especial. Lo primero que hizo el hombre fue indagar sobre su relación y ver si era tan fuerte como parecía. Lo comprobó rápidamente y siguieron a lo principal.

 El doctor prefirió que para esa parte, Daniel se retirara. Le iba a preguntar lo que recordaba de ese día y tener a alguien más allí podría influenciar un cambio de versión en alguno de los dos. Daniel se retiró y Arturo empezó su relato. Recordaba haber estado manejando, con la música casi a todo volumen. Daniel estaba en el asiento del copiloto y cantaba con el alguna canción de moda. En ese tiempo ya sentían algo de atracción el uno por el otro pero jamás lo habían discutido. Solo eran amigos y venían de acampar unos días en un parque nacional no muy lejos de la ciudad donde estaba su universidad. Daniel le dijo a Warner que todo era muy normal y que la carretera estaba perfecta pues no había casi automóviles.

 Después recuerda que la radio empezó a cambiar de estación sin ayuda de sus manos y que el reloj del automóvil también se volvió loco. Eran las once y media en punto, según recordó en su revisión. El automóvil se apagó a los pocos metros y no avanzaron más. De nuevo, no había ni un solo vehículo en la cercanía así que no había como pedir ayuda. Trataron de usar sus celulares pero ninguno servía, parecía que la zona era un punto negro para todo tipo de cosas eléctricas. Salieron del auto y mientras Arturo revisaba bajo el capó, Daniel intentaba comunicarse, también encendiendo la linterna que tenían, sacudiéndola pero sin éxito. Entonces sintieron algo extraño, cada uno donde estaba, sintió como si el tiempo se hubiese vuelto lento.

 Arturo recordó una luz que los envolvió y los cegó. Lo siguiente que recuerda es estar dentro de su vehículo, conduciendo de nuevo. Cuando cayó en cuenta de lo que hacía, frenó en seco y miró un indicador de la carretera que se veía con la luz de los faros. Si se le había de creer, había viajado unos quince kilómetros después de que se les apagara el auto pero no recordaba nada al respecto. Era como si ese pedazo de sus vidas les hubiese sido arrebatado. En lo que quedaba del camino, no hablaron más, a pesar de que su malestar era evidente. De hecho, Arturo recuerda que Daniel vomitó cuando lo dejó en su casa y el se sintió mareado toda esa noche y durmió mal.

 La entrevista de Warner con Daniel no fue muy diferente excepto en algunos puntos clave. Por ejemplo, Daniel recordaba lo mismo de haber estado escuchando música y cantando pero él sí recordaba algunos vehículos que los pasaron antes de que el vehículo se apagara. De hecho, recordaba haberle dicho a Arturo que deberían empujar el auto fuera de la carretera. Después, concordaban en lo del tiempo que iba más despacio y la luz. Pero Daniel tenía algo más que agregar antes de que aparecieran en el vehículo de nuevo. Según él, cuando la luz los rodeó, sintió una presencia que no era la de Arturo. Había algo más allí con ellos y recordar la sensación lo hizo sentirse muy incomodo.

 Concordaban en lo de la sensación de perdida del tiempo y cuando Arturo se detuvo y dijo lo de los quince kilómetros, Daniel confesó que nunca reflexionó mucho al respecto. Obviamente era algo extraño pero para él lo más raro de todo había sido esa sensación de sentir que alguien estaba con ellos en ese haz de luz. Daniel no recordaba haber vomitado al bajarse del automóvil pero sí dijo que se había sentido muy mal y que había tenido que tomar aire para calmar sus nervios

Las historias, en esencia, eran las mismas excepto por algunos detalles que daban cuenta de dos cosas: las prioridades de cada persona y la manera de ver el mundo de cada uno. Warner les explicó que es muy común que dos personas difieran un poco cuando experimentan exactamente el mismo suceso ya que las experiencias pasadas y la educación tienen un rol fundamental en la comprensión de lo que cada uno vive. Lo único que Warner no podía comprender era lo de la presencia que Daniel sintió y Arturo ni mencionó. Eso era algo distinto y trataron en varios días de llegar al punto de esa experiencia pero Daniel no sabía más. Ellos pidieron ser sometidos a hipnosis pero Warner les explicó que eso solo haría que su estado se volviese peor. Según él, la hipnosis solo empeoraba las cosas mezclando recuerdo e implantando ideas que no estaban en el cerebro antes. Pero algo tenían que hacer.

 No llegaron a saber que más se podría hacer porque, un día saliendo de la terapia, fueron asaltados por reporteros que les preguntaban si era cierto que estaban diciendo que habían sido raptados por extraterrestres. De nuevo, el pasado venía a acosarlos y la gente volvió a juzgarlos por cosas que ni siquiera habían dicho en público. Descubrieron que la secretaria de Warner había filtrado información y la denunciaron, ganando famosamente un caso que los sometió a la mirada del público que pudo ver lo quebrantados que ya estaban. Después del juicio, desaparecieron una vez más y ya nunca se supo de ellos. Unos decían que se los habían llevado definitivamente y otros que habían cometido suicidio.

 La realidad era que se habían ido a vivir lejos, a un pueblo pequeño donde nadie sabía nada de ellos. Trabajaron empleos simples y vivieron el resto de sus vidas más tranquilos que nunca, pero siempre preguntándose que era lo que habían vivido y porque era tan importante para la gente desacreditar lo que ellos decían. Era la verdad, su verdad al menos y ellos no tenían la culpa de que las cosas hubiesen pasado como lo hicieron. Sin embargo, Arturo y Daniel hablaron entre ellos de lo sucedido y compartieron su historia anónimamente por internet. Muchos les creyeron y eso les ayudó para cerrar un capitulo doloroso de su historia juntos.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

Life in the alley

   The club looked larger and even more filled with people from the second floor. I had just being there for less than an hour and I already felt a little claustrophobic, even though the place could fit a large plane inside, without the party goers of course. Most of the people were dancing, or their version of dancing, while some others tried to talk over the music on the second floor. People went up there because it was the lounge section and it was supposed to exist in order to mingle with others and just have a great time only drinking but the sound was too loud, even though it shouldn’t be. Anyway, people did their best to talk but I was too tired of trying to understand anything so I decided to go to the bathroom.

 I gave up to that fast as the line for the bathroom was very long and some people ere saying guys were fucking or something there so I just decided to exit, pee in the back alley and then come back in. I had a seal on my hand to do so I crossed the sea of dancing people on the ground floor and reached the door fast, as I felt more and more the need to go and pee. I finally went through the door, after having to push some guy flirting with this big hairy man, called bear in the gay slang.

 The day had been a very hot one so the night was very refreshing, not excessively hot nor cold. Just a nice weather to go to where the dumpsters were and pee. I closed my eyes for a second; wanting to concentrate on not drinking any more liquids but then I heard something. It sounded like a moan or some kind of complaint. I finished peeing, put it all away and then stopped and made no noise. There it was again, someone sobbing or something. My first thought was thinking than some guys had decided to take a trip to the back alley and have some fun but if that was the case, I would have heard some other moaning or at least two people breathing and I could only hear one. I walked away from the main entrance of the club, to where many bags filled with people, others with other type of garbage, had been put into a large pile. Then, I saw who had made the noises and felt really guilty about thinking those were sex sounds.

 As I had my cellphone with me, I called an ambulance right there. As I waited, I got closer to the guy: he had been beaten up pretty bad and was lying on the dirty floor, sobbing, incapable of saying a single word. Apparently, he was in a state of shock and couldn’t do more than just complain and sob. I tried to pull him out of the pile of garbage but he complained louder so I decided not to do anything. Then, I saw the light of the ambulance behind me and I stood up fast towards them, in order to tell them where the victim was. In no time, they had him on a stretcher and in the ambulance. I was about to turn around when of the paramedics told me they needed someone to go with him to sign papers and son. It could be anyone. So I went with them.

When we got to the hospital, I had to call my friends to tell me where I was but no one answered the phone. Of course, they were still inside the club and no cellphone, unless in front of their faces, would be noticed. A doctor came out to talk to me and told me they had to get the wounded guy to surgery. Apparently, the beating had been worse than imaginable and one of his lungs had been punctured. He had many broken ribs and was now hallucinating, babbling something that no one could really understand. I had to sign some papers saying it had been me who found him and that I had to be responsible for him for the time being. It felt like the right thing to do and, to be honest, it had been too shocking not to be both concerned and pissed about it.

 I stayed in the hospital all night. A nurse called Anita was kind enough to give me a quarter in order to get a coffee from a machine. I talked to her while I drank it, telling her I had just found the guy in an alley and had no idea of who he was. She told me that he wasn’t the first gay guy to come in like that. At least five in the last few weeks and it was rumored to be a very violent gang who also assaulted immigrants and prostitutes. Every victim had survived except for the youngest one, who had died only a week before. I thought to myself that, those guys in the club, most would never live through that. Guess they were the lucky ones.

 When the clock hit six in the morning, I was about to fall asleep right in the waiting room. I had nothing on me except my cellphone and wallet but nevertheless I had always been careful not to fall asleep where someone could take my things away. And after I had seen that night, I doubled my efforts not to fall asleep, even in a hospital. Thankfully, the doctor came out again and told me the surgery had been a success. He had to stay in the hospital to get better but he had been one of the lucky ones: other had been more brutally attacked and had tougher recoveries. The doctor also told me they had tried to locate his family and they had ben successful but they lived far away and, apparently, wouldn’t travel for their son.

When I heard that, my heart shrunk. I felt so bad for the poor guy, all alone in a hospital with a family unwilling to move from home for their victimized son. But, yet again, it wasn’t such an uncommon thing. I decided to go home and rest. Then, in the afternoon, I would visit him again. When I got home, I realized I had no keys so I had no other option than to wake up my flat mate. He was a weird guy and didn’t even say a word when he opened. He just went straight back to bed. I did the same, getting naked fast and into the covers, falling asleep in a heartbeat. My last thought went with the guy in the hospital, broken body but still alive. Was he awake? Was he wondering why that had happened to him?

  When I visited later that afternoon, he seemed to be much better than the night before. And I felt very guilty about thinking this, but when I entered the room I almost choked, as I hadn’t realized how beautiful he was. He had short blondish hair and green eyes. He was tanned and very tall. Maybe that was why I couldn’t really move him from the garbage. He was very nice and thanked me for what I had done.  He recognized, very openly, that his family was not coming and that he was going to try to get better fast in order to go back to his own place soon. He worked in a hotel as a lifeguard, also teaching tourists how to surf. His name was Michael but he told me to tell him Mike, so I did.

 I visited Mike every single day for the following week, until he got better. We chatted for hours, even making nurses come to shut us up. He didn’t share the room but apparently we were too loud for a hospital. The saddest moment came when he confessed me that his main attacker had been a guy he had liked in the club and that he had tried to flirt with him. That’s why they went to the back alley and the other guy surprised him with two more guys and beat him up. Kicks, punches, insults… It all flew towards him and put him on the floor. The really sad part was that he told me that after the beating, the guy that he had flirted with had tried to rape him but that the other guys decided it was best to leave so they did.

 It is very awkward to see a beautiful person sad or crying. I know this sounds bad but that’s what I thought after he told me his story. You just never think about someone that looks like a model in such a situation. Yet there was Mike, a short way from male perfection, beaten up by life. Anyway, we also chatted about nicer things, like our jobs and lives in general. As it happens, we had some people in common and he even recalled having seen me before but I had never seen him, I told him I would remember. Mike went red with this statement and told me that if I continued that way he would believe anything else I said. So we joked around with that and just became friends.

 When he was released from the hospital, I drove him to his house and had him installed. One of his arms was in a sling and he couldn’t walk a lot or very fast but he was alive. That day we ordered chines food and I realized I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. If it went on like that, I would fall in love with him or become obsessed or something and it would be uncomfortable for the both of us. So I decided to be a friend and nothing more. Sure enough, we did exactly that and in a couple of weeks he was dating some big muscular guy he had met at the beach.  I was happy for him, mainly because he looked really happy, and it was the first time I saw him like that.

 Me, I went on with my life too. No, I didn’t met anyone and no; I wasn’t in love with Mike. That would have been too easy. I just wondered, every time I looked at him, about some many things in life. My first thought was to ask myself why would anyone do that to another person? Is someone’s existence so unbearable you have to kick them and almost kill them? But then I also thought about me, about how alone I was and how easy it was for mike to just get back on his feet. It seemed unfair somehow that life and people favor some over others just because of their looks, for good and bad. My conclusion: it was all a tragedy.

viernes, 24 de julio de 2015

Ser o no ser ?

   No creo que nadie sepa, en verdad quién es. Y para ser sincero, creo que nunca nadie lo sabe. Es una búsqueda eterna, de toda la vida, al menos si estamos poniendo atención. Porque eso es lo otro, la mayoría de la gente no le está poniendo mucha atención a su propia vida, prefiriendo navegarla a un destino fijo cuando ese no es el punto de vivir. Al menos para mi, vivir es ir adonde el viento, que pueden ser las acciones y las decisiones, nos lleven. Lo interesante de un viaje, como lo es la vida, no es tanto el destino sino el recorrido. Pero ya casi nadie le pone atención al recorrido porque sienten que deben ir y hacer ciertas cosas o sino no están viviendo. Y lo cómico es que por hacer justamente eso, no están viviendo para nada.

 Creo que nunca sabemos quienes somos porque casi nadie está listo para enfrentar todo eso que tiene dentro. Algunas personas eligen ser graciosas, serias, coquetas o incluso aburridas pero hay mucho más que simplemente no reconocemos. A pesar de tanta lucha por tantos derechos, la realidad de todo es que nos gusta que nos juzguen por cosas pequeñas, por rasgos que son tan recurrentes en el ser humano como los ojos y la boca. Por eso es que los apodos son algo tan popular: no reflejan en nada lo que alguien es en realidad sino algún aspecto bastante notable de una persona y puede que ni siquiera sea una característica verdaderamente de esa persona. Se decide al azar y se impone y cuando eso se hace ya no hay nada más que hacer. El apodo queda y lo que la persona es o no es, deja de ser relevante.

 Por supuesto que deben haber libertades, eso no se discute. Pero lo que es contradictorio es que se luche contra la discriminación y resulta que siempre la hemos aceptado con los brazos abiertos cuando sentimos que es un halago, porque es muy fácil hacer que alguien se sienta bien con un par de palabras. Solo juntamos algunas y mágicamente podemos hacer que el estado de ánimo de alguien mejore sustancialmente o caiga al piso. Como seres humanos, con nuestra crueldad característica, tenemos la horrible habilidad de construir y destruir con demasiada facilidad. Y no hemos hecho nada para hacernos fuertes y que en verdad no nos importen las palabras necias. Deseamos no oír pero oímos.

 Nos gusta ser “el guapo”, “la sexy”, “el bueno”, “la inteligente”. Palabras que se las lleva el viento y que, en sí mismas, no son nada más que letras pegadas que producen un sonido que para muchos, no es más que un ruido. Si a eso ha llegado la humanidad, a querer ser definidos en un simple gruñido, entonces nuestra civilización está mucho peor de lo que pensábamos. Como podemos aceptar ser solo eso cuando ni siquiera podemos definirnos a nosotros mismos con sinceridad? Como podemos atrevernos a resumir una vida, una compleja red de pensamientos en algo tan simple, y a la larga, tan humano, como una palabra?

 Casi todos lo preferimos. Definirnos de manera más exacta, más compleja, toma tiempo, en especial porque los seres humanos siempre estamos aprendiendo. Más o menos pero desde que nacemos hasta que morimos nuestro cerebro no para de recibir y procesar, almacenando información eternamente que seguramente nunca usaremos. Solo hay que recordar, o tratar de recordar al menos, todo lo que se supone aprendimos en el colegio. Inténtenlo y verán que es imposible, a menos que sean superdotados y hayan sido bendecidos con una memoria prodigiosa, algo que escasea entre los seres humanos. La mayoría preferimos dejar que esas palabras que inventamos hagan el trabajo para así no sumergirnos en las oscuridades que todos tenemos dentro.

 Porque la verdad es que somos mundos desconocidos y que, casi siempre, solo tendrán un visitante, si acaso. Ese visitante podría ser nosotros mismos pero solo si de verdad mostramos interés en saber  quienes somos. Es un viaje difícil, largo y complejo, que nos muestra esas dos caras que en las que el ser humano se registra: el bien y el mal. Puede que si excavamos un poco, encontremos algo sobre nosotros mismos que detestamos, que todo el mundo podría odiar y que debemos ocultar porque no es algo de que estar orgulloso sino algo de lo que avergonzarse. Así somos los seres humanos, infligimos dolor y vergüenza para controlar lo que no conocemos, por físico miedo.

 Es increíble lo que complejos que somos pero lo controlables que podemos ser a nuestros propios inventos y a nuestros instintos más básicos. La realidad es que somos seres llenos de miedo durante toda nuestra vida y así la pasamos, de susto en susto, protegiéndonos y corriendo de un lado a otro como ratas. Esa no es manera de vivir para nadie y, sin embargo, todos vivimos exactamente igual. Porque todavía tenemos mucho de aquello que pensamos perdido que es el instinto natural, ese recuerdo vago e inútil de cuando éramos criaturas simples, trepando árboles y subsistiendo para solo comer y reproducirnos. Pero resulta que la humanidad ya tiene otros objetivos. Lo malo es que no todos nos damos cuenta.

 El mundo no está dibujado en dos simples e inútiles colores. Las cosas no son buenas o malas sino que son como son por razones y eso es lo que debemos ver. No podemos ser tan simples que vemos algo y lo definimos al instante, cambiando para siempre la percepción del mundo respecto a algo. Sí, claro que hay cosas que son reprobables pero eso no quiere decir que no debamos aprender de ellas para hacer de nuestra humanidad algo mejor. Porque ese es el trabajo verdadero de cada uno en este mundo y es construirse a si mismo, hacer a alguien que sea completo y no solo una gran cantidad de trazos sin ningún sentido.

 Porque eso es la mayoría de la gente, solo trazos de un pincel muy bonito pero trazos al fin y al cabo. Muy poca gente decide invertir tiempo en saber que posibilidades hay de ser un dibujo complejo, alguien de verdad completo. Para nosotros mismos, es posible que seamos todo lo que queremos ser. Puede que nos conozcamos bien y sepamos todo lo que hay que saber o al menos casi todo. El otro problema es que eso no se puede quedar ahí. No podemos frenarnos cuando nosotros acabamos y el mundo empieza porque resulta que siempre viviremos en este mundo, el ser humano siempre estará aquí, en este tiempo, en esta realidad, en este que vemos y tocamos y sentimos con todo nuestro ser cada día de la vida. Esto es lo nuestro.

 Hay muchos otros mundos, la mayoría fantasías. Pero para qué preocuparnos por ellos? Las fantasías son simpáticas pero solo nublan la mente y no nos dejan ver, por nosotros mismos la increíble variedad de cosas que nos ofrece la vida. Y decimos cosas porqué eso son cuando no las conocemos. Es nuestro deber sentir curiosidad, ir y explorar y descubrir que es qué para nosotros, porque el mundo es uno pero cada uno de nosotros lo percibe de manera única y, probablemente, irrepetible. Tenemos la habilidad de crear una visión única del mundo y debemos o deberíamos compartirla con el mundo, cuando estemos listos. Somos, al fin y al cabo, una sola especie y eso debería ser suficiente para unirnos.

 Lo ideal sería que las personas dejaran de estar metidas en mundos inventados, como el amor o la esperanza ciega, y empezaran a caminar al nivel del suelo y a reconocer que la vida es mucho más que las superficialidades que todo el mundo aspira a vivir como tener un trabajo ideal, una pareja ideal y todo ideal. El mundo no es ideal, el mundo es lo que es y deberíamos explorar eso y no tratar de ajustarlo todo en nuestra mente. No estamos viviendo el mundo real sino uno que nos inventamos porque somos incapaces de ver lo que en realidad sucede a la cara. Solo en algunos momentos, la realidad es demasiado auténtica y nos deja ver su cara. La mayoría corren despavoridos.

 Tenemos que molestarnos, al menos una vez por día, en pensar hacia adentro, explorar nuestra mente y ver que hay allí. Puede que muchas veces no encontremos nada pero seguramente hay mucho por ver y descubrir. Algunas cosas no nos gustarán y otras tal vez nos gusten demasiado pero es así la única manera de vivir de verdad. Si queremos estar contentos con nosotros mismos no necesitamos de lindas palabras sino de un reconocimiento profundo de nuestra personalidad, que siempre tendrá una respuesta clara. Nuestra autoestima es producto de lo que hemos creado como sociedad, un sistema de reglas y miedos que solo sirven para controlarnos y machacarnos como si fuésemos moscas.

 El ser humano ha inventado a la sociedad para eliminarse a si mismo. Se supone que la sociedad, con sus bondades y sus males, va eliminando a quienes no sirven a través de miedos e inseguridades, de reglas cada vez más difíciles de alcanzar y una hipocresía que hasta el más osado no es capaz de resistir. Porque el ser humano y su sociedad son una fachada para ocultar e incapacitar nuestro deber de exploración, nuestra meta biológica y existencial de saber exactamente quienes somos y, más adelante, porque somos. Debemos rebelarnos y empezar a ser nosotros antes de que todos empecemos a ser lo mismo o, peor, nada.