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viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017

His scent

   I loved to be the one hugging him, tightly, beneath the covers when it was raining outside or above them, naked, during the summer. Waking up was always one of the best parts of my day because I would notice his scent so very close to me. It didn’t matter how much we had moved during our sleep, it was always a please to feel him close to me. And I think, even if I would never dare to speak on his behalf, that he thought exactly the same thing. I think he loved me back, maybe even more.

 During the week, we would wake up at the same, even if the other had nothing to do that day. Sometimes it was me who kissed him before leaving for work, some other days it was me staying there, organizing my space and feeding the dog we had adopted together. Its name was Bumper, because he loved to bump into everything. Maybe the thing was that our dog was not very brilliant but we loved to imagine he had some traits of both of us. Maybe he was clumsy like me and distracted like him.

 Our favorite days, or at least mine, were Saturdays and Sundays. We would wake up earlier and I would make love to him for the longest time. I loved to explore his body slowly, even to the point that I would turn off my cellphone in order not to be interrupted from that beautiful task. I got to know every single centimeter of his body and I was proud to know every single corner of him. After a mutual orgasm, we would stay silent and then talk about our lives, fun little snippets every day.

 That’s how I think I know him. I think feeling his heart while sleeping, his breathing while we made love and his warmth when we kissed goodbye, it all made me understand him and really know who he was and what he wanted out of life. It didn’t take a long time for us to hold hands in public after we had decided to properly date each other. Same happened with our “sudden” decision to live together. We just knew we had to, it was meant to be and only we could understand the feeling.

 So, it’s pretty understandable that the worst day of my life was the one when a policeman, a man with a stupid face, came to our home and told me they had found him, the love of my life, dead on the street. It happened one night, when he was coming from work during one of those horrible thunderstorms that are becoming more and more common in these parts. According to the policeman, he had been assaulted by a group of men. They had taken his money, his belongings and had then proceeded to kick him and punch him until one of them decided to pull out a gun.

 My first question was simple: “Where is he?” The idiot policeman repeated that he was dead and I didn’t ask again. He offered to take me to the police station, so I grabbed a jacket and went along. It was so very late; I was already in my pajamas. It was very awkward, but I started crying in the police car, en route to my lover. I couldn’t stop crying for a second, only when I had to step out of the car in order to enter the police station. He never asked me if I was fine or needed something.

 The doctor running the morgue was a woman and I was thankful for that. She seemed to care for every single one of those corpses, of those dead people that for some reason were there, lying on their back inside a gigantic freezer. I started shaking the moment I entered the room and I lost any attempt to seem calm when she unveiled his body to me. He was naked, of course, and very white and blue. It’s a silly thing, but the first thing I thought was the fact that he hated both those colors.

 I took one of his hands and caressed it; I kissed his cheek and his forehead and held on to him. I could hear the dumbass policeman asking me if that was my “partner” but I didn’t care at all. I wanted to stay there forever, whit him, even if I had to die too. The doctor was very silent and it was obvious she would have preferred for me not to touch her patient but I couldn’t stop holding on to him. If I had let go, he would have died forever and I just couldn’t afford that to happen.

 However, all the crying and the memories and the deep pain got to me. I had been waiting for him to come with food, so my stomach was empty. The doctor, hours later, told me that could have been one of the reasons for me to faint right there on the morgue. They carried me to the police station’s infirmary and gave me some ramen soup, the kind you can make in the microwave. I ate that hot cup in silence, still crying. A massive headache began to brew.

 His family came in some hours later, after I had signed every single paper that had to be signed. Between those, I had to ask a friend to go to my house and bring me our marriage certificate, which only a few people knew about. It was hard for me to tell his family that we had been married for a couple of months and that it had been his decision not to tell them because he wanted it all to be a big reveal. He was planning it all as if it was the marriage of two famous people. And know, it had been me telling them all of it, with his cold body not too far away.

 They were shocked to hear it all, of course, but I honestly think I was the most affected by the tragedy. I kissed him several times once more, before I had to leave in order to go home. They promised they would arrange it all for his body to be prepared for whatever I would decide to do. I took the doctor to the side, and told her we had talked about being cremated together in a huge pyre, holding hands. She gave me a nice smile and told me to get back to her the next day.

 Sure enough, they sent his body to a cemetery where he would be cremated and given to me. I called his family to tell them all about it and they didn’t say much about it all. They seemed to be still in quite a shock. They did show up to the place and we even held each other for a moment, in silence. We saw his coffin, a very modest one; enter the oven and the metal door close afterwards. Tears rolled down my face but I didn’t cried loudly like before, I was under too much pain to do that again.

 They gave me his ashes and the doctor was there to pay her respects. I hugged her tight and cried some more. She offered to take me home and I accepted. His family didn’t say another word to me, even when I saw them looking at the urn with his ashes when they were handed to me. I wanted to make peace; I wanted them to understand what we had together. But it was too little too late, so I just went home with the doctor. She kindly stayed for a while but I have to say it was better when she left.

 That’s because I spoke to him for a while, as frankly as we had always been when he was alive. I told him he was the best thing to ever happen in my life and that I was proud that I got to meet such a wonderful person in such a shitty world. I thanked him for being my lover and husband, for making me enjoy life and people even more and for always been there for me. I hoped him the best for his afterlife, if there was one. If there wasn’t, I wanted him to know I would always be his.

 Another storm was brewing when I opened my bedroom window. The wind was beginning to howl. One strong current was enough to take the love of my life away from me. I saw him float away and then disappeared into the dark clouds floating not so far away.

 I left the urn right there and then dropped on the bed. His smell was still there. I closed my eyes to feel him one more time and it did work. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt. However, when I opened my eyes everything was real and raw. He wasn’t there anymore.

viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017

One night

   His body was just perfection: tight in all the right places, soft skin, a beautiful natural smell and a taste anyone would love to enjoy. I had met him only a couple of hours before, in a bar. We had chatted for a long while after a group of his friends had left him alone and my only friend in the world had cancelled on our plans to spend a night together talking about our past and present and then wondering about our future. But her work was first in her life and I’ve learned to cope with that.

 It had happened before, so I ordered a tall drink with various liquors and just enjoyed the music and the view: that bar in particular was well known for being a very attractive spot for young gay men that wanted to be seen and older gay men that wanted to look at them and something more. Granted, I’m not old enough to be qualified as “older” and I’m certainly not what the younger guys are looking for, but we have decided on that place with my friend to try something different.

 One of my favorite pastimes is to watch people live around me, just walk by, wherever I happen to be: a park, a bar, an office or the supermarket. I just love imagining how what they are doing fits into their lives.  It doesn’t really matter whether they are men or women. Even looking at children is pretty funny and kind of different. That may sound creepy but I guess people are too accustomed not to care about others, so they decide what I do is wrong in some way, as if it was a problem to use your eyes and ears.

 I saw Brandon (he told me to call him “Bran”), an hour after I had started to drink and talk to the barman. That meant I had already drank at least three cocktails and two beers when our eyes locked and he decided to look at me while he chatted with his friends and even when he stood up and danced for a while on the dance floor. He’s younger than me but taller and fitter. He looks like the kind of guys that goes to bars in order to get a wealthy “daddy” or something like that.

 It was pretty surprising to see how, after most of his friends left, he walked to the sit next to mine and asked for a very sweet cocktail. I don’t really like those so I kind of smiled and he noticed it. We just started talking right there, flirting along the way. I looked every single millimeter of his face and I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I assumed he was an actor or a model or something of the sorts. It was obvious he took care of himself. The clothes he was wearing were expensive, I had seen similar ones on stores and hadn’t been able to buy them or properly wear them.

 As closing time grew closer, sexual tension arose. I was kind of drunk by then and I could see he was too. It was probably because leaner guys are least resistant to alcohol but that’s just my theory, which I have proven to be true more often than not. Besides, I was really used to drinking Friday nights, it was almost a recurrent thing for me. Which was different was the fact that I was drinking in a bar and not sitting in front of the TV watching some old movie in my underwear, with my cat Michael sleeping on top of my belly.

Bran, out of nowhere, put his hand right on top of my penis, over my pants. He started caressing it, looking at me straight into my eyes, as if he dared me to push him off or have sex right dare, in front of the crowd. I didn’t move or looked away. He eventually stopped to go to the bathroom. I paid while he was away and when he came back I told him we could go to my place and have a better night than in that bar. He didn’t required convincing at all. He just claimed his jacket and we walked.

 I find it kind of strange, but we spoke about many things on our way from the bar to my house. It was a fifteen minute walk but it felt much longer, as we wondered about the people in the bar, the “daddies” and the “twinks” we had seen there and all the curious characters coming and leaving during the night. It was as if we thought we weren’t part of that freak show but we just knew we were and it didn’t bother us. Bran seemed so grounded for such a young man. He made me feel old but wise.

 Once we got to my place, he entered first and started caressing Michael the minute he saw him. Bran loved my cat and Michael was the strange kind of cat that loved to be petted by men and not by women. Maybe that’s because I raised him and he just grew used to me bringing guys to the apartment or maybe his just a very particular cat. It might even be that I overthink too much about why my cat does things and how he does them. It doesn’t really matter. The point is his a guy magnet.

 I grabbed two cold beers from the fridge, gave one to Bran and asked him to join me on the couch. It wasn’t long before he was at it again, doing the same thing he did in the bar but panting a bit, just before we started kissing. He eventually sat on my lap, beers on the table, and we kissed and hugged and caressed each other for a good long time. We ignored Michael’s meows and the sound of an ambulance passing by. His hair on my fingers felt great, as his body gently pressed against mine. It was a difficult offer to resist, so I just didn’t.

 I kissed him on the cheek and asked him to go to the bedroom. Once we were in, I closed the door in order for Michael to stay away. I didn’t like my pet to witness my sexual feats, no matter how wonderful they were. And Bran was, by far, the most beautiful man that I had ever brought home. He was taller but also softer; he was gorgeous but also interesting. After I closed the door, I grabbed him by the waist and gently unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a small tattoo on his right shoulder blade.

 It was a video game character, looking at me, inviting me to play with him. That detail made me smile and stop for a second. He turned around, confused and I explained my pause. He smiled back and we resumed our kissing. I undressed him and he undressed me and in minutes we were completely naked, enjoying each other’s bodies on top of my blankets. Again, his smell was subtle but perfect. The taste of his lips was special, as if he had never kissed before. It was almost magical.

 He went down first and I found myself being contradicted: his lips sad one thing but other parts of his body told a much different story.  He made me smile, moan and sighed uncontrollably. He came back up and we kissed and then it was my turn. As expected, every single part of Bran’s body was made of dreams or stars because he was just incredible. Even now, days after it happened, I find myself having a hard time wrapping my head around such a special man.

 I made love to him for a long while and he seemed to enjoy every single second of it. I wanted more kisses and he seemed to want exactly that. Our understanding on that level was just amazing, so much so that we seemed to anticipate the other’s movements by seconds, making the evening a perfect fragment of time for both of us. When we both finished, we cleaned up a bit and I invited him to sleep as we were, hugging if possible. He smiled and fell asleep in seconds on my chest.

 When I woke up, he was still sleeping. The morning light made him look even more perfect. I knew something strange was to blame for such an encounter by I decided not to doubt it and just let it end on a high note. And it did, hours after, having breakfast together, talking a bit more.

 We didn’t exchange numbers or emails, not even social media nicknames. He knows where I live and I know the bar he likes. We might run into each other again but it might not be as special as that night was. And that’s fine. We made each other happy for a moment and that’s more than enough.

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016

Takua Hotel

   The premise of the island was that any person in the world could get anything they wanted there. There was no limit for what the people that managed the place could provide. It could be someone to spend the holidays with or a really great adventure, the best sex of your life or maybe something that most people wouldn’t even think about. Everything was on the table or, at least, that was what the brochure said. David was very nervous on the plane, trying to figure out if he had done the right thing by spending so much money on that vacation.

 When the plane landed, his worries were soon a thing of the past. As people descended to the tarmac, it was impossible not to see the beautiful waters that surrounded the main island in the atoll and the lush and exotic vegetation all over the place. All the people that were in the plane were also watching and even taking pictures. David was going to imitate them but then a woman that worked for the hotel arrived in front of them and greeted them. She asked everyone to follow her and so they did, to what would be the terminal of the landing strip.

 The flight that had just ended was a private one, only for the people that had paid to live the experience of the Takua hotel. The journey had been very long from home, but David was very excited now and looking forward to everything the trip had to offer. When everyone was in the room, the woman told them that all electronic devices were barred from the island in order to have a better experience. So they needed people to put all of those objects in a small locker right there in the terminal. They would be able to open them with their electronic bracelets the day of their departure.

 Everyone complied and five minutes later they were in the docks just outside the terminal. The woman told them that, as everyone hadn’t come to have the same experience, they would not be staying in the same areas of the hotel. Some would go to the lagoon, others to the main island and the forest and others to an artificial island, which was on the other side of the atoll. Three boats were ready and she called people one by one, reading from a list. Once everyone was ready she reminded them to follow instructions and to have a nice stay. The boats departed as she waved to them.

 The boat ride was short for David. Apparently he would stay in the cabins that were located in the main island, surrounded by the lush forest. When they arrived there, another hotel person greeted them. Her name was Valery and she asked them to ask any questions they could have. Someone then asked when would their experience begin. She smiled at the question and told them that it would begin differently for everyone. She gave everyone yellow bracelets with a number and told them to go find their rooms, luggage would be already there.

 David got a nice cabin that was as close to the water as it was to the forest. The only thing that he didn’t like was the fact that bugs may enter his room but he was assured, the following day, that there were no bugs in the island. He thought that was weird, but he didn’t dwell on it. The first night was great: the bed was just perfect, as was the weather. He had regained the energy he had lost through travel and he was ready to meet his experience, whatever that was. The first thing he did was shower and then go to the breakfast buffet because he was starving.

 As he was choosing some fruit, he noticed there was only one remaining passion fruit and he loved that fruit. So he grabbed it but then someone else wanted the fruit too. Their hands touched and they both recoiled as if the had been burned. He looked at the guy and David was instantly attracted to him. It was a very strange feeling because he had never seen that person before but, somehow, he felt he really liked him. David asked him to take the fruit; he could have it some other time. The guy wanted him to take it. Finally, they both had passion fruit as more was served in a second.

 They decided to sit together, as they both had come by themselves. Actually, everyone in that place was alone or meeting people there, which maybe had something to do with their desires. But David was not thinking too much about that. He was asking the guy his name and where he had come from. His name was Michel and he was from Paris but his parents were immigrants from Africa. He started telling David his story and it was so interesting that David didn’t notice all the food from the buffet had been taken away because of the hour.

 They decided to keep talking, walking around the island, discovering the place together. David confessed that he didn’t really know what he had wanted to achieve by coming to the island because he wasn’t even sure of what he was looking for or what it was that he wanted from life. Michel told him he was more certain than that but that he was open to anything that could happen in life. He wanted a better job for himself but also to please his family by getting together with someone and having a family or something like that.

 Both men decided to meet again later for dinner and so they did. The mood was strangely romantic but nothing really happened besides a lot of flirting and maybe holding hands for a short time. David was very happy, as he had not been in a long time. He felt as if he had gone back in time, just as a boy in school who is excited about meeting people and having their first crush, That was exactly how it felt and it was very strange but he intended to enjoy it thoroughly.

 His stay was of one week. And he spent almost everyday with Michel. They explored the island together by foot, kissed in the middle of the jungle and swam together in the lagoon, playing around with seashells and other things they found. David loved to watch Michel swimming and then walking towards him, dripping water. Somehow, that was very sexy to him. By the fourth night, David let Michel into his bedroom and they made love. It was very particular but even sex felt better there, it felt much more natural, easier if it makes senses.

 They both noticed it and they talked about it the next day in bed. They kissed a lot and then had breakfast in the buffet. But then, something really weird happened. Valeria, the woman who had greeted them the day they had arrived, approached them on the restaurant and told Michel that he had a “penalty point” because he hadn’t registered into his room the night before. David didn’t believe what she was saying. But then again, other people from the hotel’s staff, were apparently having the same conversation with other guests.

 Michel responded to her saying that he had the best sex of his life that night, so not following those rules had been a good idea. The woman didn’t laugh or seemed even annoyed by the comment. She just repeated that he had that “penalty” and that if it happened again, he would be “invited to leave the island”. And then she left, leaving them with their mouths open and wondering if that had been just to play with them or an actual thing that hotel had. It was a very weird situation but they forgot about it later, during sex in Michel’s room.

 They decided to respect the rules but not fully: they would have sex in each other’s rooms but not during the night. They would go have something to eat or hike or swim after that. The truth was that both of them had the best week of their lives there. When time come to leave, people from the hotel told everyone that each person would be picked up individually in their rooms with their luggage and then taken to the landing strip by boat. They came for David just after lunch, which he had with Michel. He was not on the boat and then, not in the plane.

 Everyone was leaving at the same time, that’s how it worked. But why was the plane taking off without Michel. Maybe he had forgotten to take his phone from the locker or something. But as the plane flew over the island one last time, the guy besides him smiled and asked: “¿You thought it was real, right?”. And David realized that that was exactly what had happened. He had bought into the hotel’s experience and now he had the best memories with someone that wasn’t real. Or was he?

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2016

Una vez y otra más

   Mientras me ponía los pantalones y apretaba el cinturón, escuché ruidos que venían de afuera de la habitación. Me di cuenta entonces que él no había salido al baño sino que se había ido a otra parte del apartamento. Seguí mirando el sitio con curiosidad ya que me gustaba bastante por donde estaba ubicado, como estaba arreglado y por la espectacular vista de la ciudad que había por la ventana. A pesar de ser tan temprano en la mañana, no había nada de la usual neblina. En cambio se alcanzaba a ver por varios kilómetros y era algo hermoso.

 Terminé de vestirme, revisé tener la billetera y mi celular y salí de la habitación con cierta rapidez. Normalmente nunca me quedaba en la casa de nadie hasta tan tarde y tenía que llegar a la mía, en la que no vivía solo. No es que a mi compañera de apartamento le importara mucho a que hora llegara o cuando pero a mi cerebro le gustaba pretender que era algo importante. Creo que me hacía creer que estaba siendo responsable de alguna manera aunque eso no tenía el más mínimo sentido. Me detuvo un momento frente a un espejo de cuerpo entero en el pasillo.

 Me peiné como pude, aunque mi cabello no parecía tener muchas ganas de hacer lo que yo quisiera. Para eso debería haberme duchado, algo que él había ofrecido pero, de nuevo, yo solo quería irme. Me arreglé la ropa un poco y seguí caminando hacia lo que era la salita del apartamento. Me gustaba mucho esa zona porque el techo era en bajada por ser en el último piso. Había una viga de madera que le daba cierta personalidad al espacio. La vista desde allí era igual de increíble. Por un momento me pregunté cuanto dinero ganaría él en su trabajo.

 Me asustó al aparecer de la nada. O bueno, por aparecer del lado al que yo no estaba mirando. La cocina estaba de ese lado y no debía haberme sorprendido tanto pero pegué un salto bastante exagerado y le hice caer al suelo un vaso de jugo de naranja que llevaba. El liquido se expandió por todo el suelo, manchando también una pared y una linda alfombra de estilo persa que tenía debajo de la mesa de centro de la sala. Mi reacción inmediata fue de vergüenza. Me agaché a recoger los vidrios y el me dijo que no me preocupara por ello.

 Fue cuando vino con la escoba, el recogedor y un trapo, cuando me di cuenta de algo: él seguía sin ropa, tal como había salido de la habitación. Por alguna tonta razón, eso me hizo sentir incomodo, a pesar de que ya lo había visto desnudo por un buen rato. Me sentí infantil al rato, cuando me di cuenta de cómo me había sentido. Fue una sucesión de sentimientos y pensamientos que ocurrieron en un espacio de tiempo muy pequeño. Y él, sin decir nada, se puso a limpiar el jugo regado y a recorred los vidrios con gran habilidad.

 Como yo no podía o no quería hablar, no pude decirle que no se molestara con el jugo. Por eso volvió y me sirvió un vaso y me invitó a tomarlo en la sala. Hice algo un poco grosero que fue tomar todo el contenido del vaso, sin respirar, en unos pocos segundos. Estiré la mano para darle el vaso y él me lo recibió un poco impresionado. Me dirigí hacia la puerta con cuidado, tratando de no pisar las partes pegajosas del piso o cualquier partícula que brillara. Cuando llegué a la puerta principal, fui a decir algo para despedirme pero un trueno en el exterior me calló.

 De repente, sin previo aviso, una lluvia torrencial empezó a caer afuera. Me quedé mirando la ventana con la boca abierta y luego, sin pensarlo mucho, mis ojos pasaron a la silueta de su cuerpo contra la poca luz que entraba por la ventana. De verdad que era un tipo muy lindo, su cuerpo me gustaba mucho y, había que decirlo, era muy cariñoso. Moví los ojos hacia otro punto y entonces dije, casi gritando, que ya me iba y que pediría un taxi en la recepción del edificio.

 Él me miró y me dijo, con total tranquilidad, que podía quedarme el tiempo que quisiera. Y como por lanzar un pequeño dardo, agregó que nadie me estaba echando. Eso me hizo sentir muy mal porque él tenía razón al decirlo. Me estaba comportando como un jovencito y no como un hombre adulto. Así que por eso, por la culpa, caminé hacia él y le pregunté si lo podía ayudar a limpiar. Él me dijo que quedaría un poco pegajoso por un tiempo pero que no tenía ganas de limpiar en ese momento, que lo haría más tarde con productos de limpieza como tal.

 Caminó entonces a la cocina para botar los pedazos de vidrio y me dejó solo mirando la lluvia que caía como si el cielo se hubiese roto. Me quedé allí de pie por un buen rato hasta que me di cuenta que me estaba comportando de manera rara de nuevo. Así que me senté en el sofá que había allí y me quité la chaqueta. De alguna manera hacía más calor en el apartamento que el que seguramente hacia fuera. Entre la lluvia podía ver árboles y eso me hizo pensar en mis decisiones, en mi vida, en lo que hacía y en lo que no.

 Rompió mi pensamiento el ruido de vidrio. Esta vez él había puesto dos vasos de jugo sobre portavasos en la mesita de centro, así como un plato con lo que parecían croissants pequeñitos. Me dijo que algunos tenían queso y otros chocolates. Se sentó desnudo a mi lado y tomó uno de los croissants y un vaso de jugo. Empezó a comer sin decir nada, solo mirando por la ventana y nada más. Yo decidí hacer lo mismo, a ver si eso rompía el hielo que yo había formado con mi mala actitud. Me di cuenta que no quería irme sin dejar las cosas bien. No tengo ni idea porqué.

 Le pregunté cuanto pagaba de arriendo. Era una pregunta un poco rara para hacerle a alguien que casi no conocía. Al fin y al cabo nos habíamos visto en contadas ocasiones. Sin embargo, el sonrió y me hizo recordar que esa era otra cosa que me gustaba mucho de él. Me contó que el apartamento era de su padre y que, al morir, se lo había heredado directamente a él. Es decir, solo pagaba servicios y nada más. No sabía si decir algo positivo o decir que sentía lo de su padre. Opté por lo segundo.

 Él negó con la cabeza, todavía sonriendo, y me dijo que siempre había tenido una relación bastante especial con su padre y que había sido su manera de decir que confiaba en él. No insistí en el tema pero ciertamente me pareció muy interesante. Le dije que me gustaba mucho la vista y él respondió que lo sabía. Eso me hizo sonrojar y pensar en que había hecho yo para que él se diera cuenta de ello. Tal vez en la habitación me había quedado mirando hacia el exterior en algunas ocasiones. Me dio mucha vergüenza pensarlo.

 Entonces el me tocó la cara y me dijo que le gustaba como me veía con la luz que había en la habitación. Seguí rojo porque no esperaba que dijera algo así. No le agradecí porque sentí que eso no hubiese tenido sentido. La lluvia siguió cayendo mientras terminamos la comida y la bebida. No se detenía por nada y yo me resigné a que simplemente no iba a tener una mañana de domingo como las de siempre, en la que permanecía metido en la cama hasta bien tarde, cuando me daban ganas de pedir algún domicilio de una comida no muy sana.

 Él entonces me dijo que se disculpaba si me parecía un poco raro que no se vistiera pero es que así se la pasaba todos los domingos. Me confesó que no se bañaba en esos días y que por nada del mundo salía a la calle. Le gustaba usar el domingo para adelantarse en series de televisión o películas que no hubiera podido ver antes. Yo le dije que hacía lo mismo y empezamos hablar de las series que nos gustaban y porqué. Resultó que estábamos viendo la misma y que teníamos las mismas ideas respecto a los personajes y sus intrigas.

 Cuando la conversación se detuvo, me invitó a ver un capitulo en el televisor de su habitación. Acepté y nos pusimos de pie para caminar hacia allí. Casi cuando llegamos, me detuve frente a la puerta del baño y le pregunté, de la nada, si podía bañarme ahora, ya que lo había ofrecido antes. Me dijo que sí y yo, sin decir nada, lo tomé de la mano y terminamos juntos bajo el agua caliente de la ducha. Hicimos de nuevo el amor y luego vimos televisión. Y hoy puedo decir que he estado viniendo a este apartamento por los últimos dos años. Las cosas pasan como tienen que pasar.