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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

I did it

    I did it. I have to acknowledge, after long hours of thinking and deciding was it’s best, that I do have to consider what I have done and said. The fact that now I present myself as a guilty man, does not mean that I think that everything that happened that night and the following years, was all under my control. As you know, things can happen and we just can’t control ourselves, we are driven by something else, some other version of us that is more primal and simpler or more sophisticated and brilliant. No, I’m not trying to excuse myself but I am trying to explain what I think that has to be explained. After all, many of you would be reading this wondering how I ended up here.

 They have labeled me as someone with privilege and I have to accept that my life has been much richer in objects and shallow things that most people’s. I had the chance of having been born into a family that was able to provide with many things, many which were useful like education and others that could have gotten me away from this mess. I don’t blame, at all, my parents or anyone else for what happened. I know that it was me, and me only, who caused so much pain and misery. But I cannot talk about all of this and ignore the fact that I was able to spend money when others weren’t able to do it. Yes, I was privileged but in no way have I ever been rich, loaded with some many things I couldn’t remember all of them. That’s not my life, don’t believe that from them.

 I started writing this letter because my therapist thought it would be easier for me to talk about all of this in this form. I have never really been one to write or to ever think much about anything. But this trial, this process, it has taken over seven years of my life. I was another person when I did it. I do not mean that I am less guilty because of that but I think it’s important you understand every single aspect of this situation from my point of view. After all, al of this time you have seen me as an evil character, someone worst than the devil, like a serial killer or something. And that’s not me. I do have a soul and I do have a brain and feelings.

 The hardest part of this whole process has been having my parents live it with me. They didn’t deserve to be drawn into this vortex of media frenzy, hate from every corner and suppositions and insults and so many other things that have made this time a living hell. I don’t say I don’t deserve it but they are innocent in all of this. My upbringing had nothing to do with why I did it, they didn’t have anything to do with it because they were great parents, they were great people who I actually pushed away in that moment and I do believe that if I had being closer to them, if I had been a good son, maybe I wouldn’t be writing this letter from a rusty table in a very small cell of a major prison.

 About life in jail, I do not want to talk about. It is well known that I have avoided death several times here. They think I’m far worse than them and I honestly don’t know if that’s true. But if I have to remain here for the rest of my life, I want to live as long as they do, as comfortably as they do, because they do have many things here, like outside. The men that have tried to hurt me are the ones that handle a small black market that trades every single thing you can imagine, even those razors they have tried to use to kill me. But I have to say here, without any modesty, that they have nothing to do with me in a fight. They might be big and tough and now the drug world and the hard life but my life had rough patches too and during many of those times I learned a couple of things.

 No, I don’t really want to sound like a bad guy. Maybe I am but I do not want to sound like that. I just think I just should be given the same chances that everyone else has. But I know I am here and that I will possibly live here until I die so at least I want to make this work. Yes, that doesn’t make any sense but I don’t think it has to have any sense at all. I did something wrong, a bit drunk and high but I did it and now, I think I can take the punishment. Because I did it and I have to recognize that. I did do it and I am sorry.

 I know that, for many years during the trial and all of the process, my lawyer has insisted that I was so wasted, so consumed by marihuana and cocaine and booze that I had no idea about anything, that I couldn’t have done even if that had been my intention. The truth is I do remember some flashes, like fragments of my memory and I have to confess they are very confusing. I do not now if I remember those parts more because my brain was really fucked up or because I have chosen unconsciously to only remember bits and pieces.

 I do remember the party. Fuck, that was a huge party and the kind of party I had gone to many times without anything weird happening. I’m not proud of it, but back then I was just starting my career and I had so much going on. I was very popular in every sense possible and successful too, so people liked to make me feel special and tended to my every need as if I was an all powerful being that needed to be pampered every single second of his life. And I was. Many brought me alcohol, others brought me drugs and others brought themselves. And we would party all night.

 Another confession: I was in the closet during all those years. I had never dared to publicly tell anyone that I fucked men but people that knew me really well did know and I think some of them are responsible for what happened to Blake. I mean, I did it and I acknowledge that but they should be here too.

 After all one of them was his cousin. He brought me cocaine and other stuff that I would use in private with my lovers. Yes, because I had many. Back then, I had bought this nice apartment, nothing too fancy, and that was where everything happened. My business grew in there, all the parties and the craziness happened there and what happened and got me here also happened there. I wasn’t thinking, that is obvious. I wasn’t smart enough to know that many of those people that fed me all of those things I consumed were not my friends; they didn’t really want me as a significant part of their lives. They were just leeches, taking away things from me and I didn’t even saw it.  I actually think I didn’t want to see it because it would have been obvious otherwise.

  They did fake it for long and just like Robert, Blake’s cousin; they all brought me things that I would enjoy. He was the one who gave Blake to me as a present and I have to confess Blake didn’t know anything or at least he didn’t seem to know anything. I cannot say anything for sure and I wouldn’t be the kind of person to blame the victim. As I have said many times, it’s Roberts fault and mine, of course. He brought to my birthday party and just presented him as a friend. I did like him because he’s a beautiful guy but the party went on and I don’t remember launching myself at him from the first second.

 I was too busy getting high and performing that sick and stupid persona I had created for everyone else to see. It was such a fake, such a false representation of what I was. Or rather, what I had been. Because just a few years earlier, before money and false friends, I was a guy trying to live his life and even falling in love. I was normal and I was a human and I do believe I’m a human now, even if many of you don’t think so. I have feeling and I know that because I have barely endured all of these years trying not to be consumed by my own hatred, by guilt and so much pain. Because what I did not only affect one person. It also affected me. I know, I am not the victim but that’s how I feel.

 The fact is, however, that I vaguely remember finally speaking to him. I was drunk but I tried to make me look great in front of him. Then my memory goes very blurry, I think we did cocaine and he was wasted much faster than me. The next fragment I have in my head is him falling slowly on my bed, the sound of the music far away and me trying to take off his jeans. I remember him fighting, I do remember it… Oh my god, I remember. He was fighting, as much as he could and he couldn’t do much. The cocaine had gotten into him all right. Then, the next image is me forcing myself onto him and my hand feeling wet over his mouth.

 Then, I woke up the following morning, alone. And then the path to this cell started. I did rape him and I know that now, I accept it now, It is I fact and I am ashamed of it. I do blame drugs and alcohol and also Robert for having had the audacity to do that, almost setting a trap for me to fall into. But the fact remains that I did it, that I am guilty. And I would repeat this as many times as it’s necessary. Because I have come to the conclusion that I cannot live in this way any longer. I want peace. I did it.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

Dear you...

   Dear you,

 I dreamt about you again. Isn’t that strange? I hadn’t done that for quite some time. To be honest, I think I missed you there, in the shadows of my mind and my thoughts.

 You were great, by the way. I could feel your touch, your breathing and your whole presence with me. We were in bed and about to make love but we didn’t get quite there. I’m afraid I woke up a little bit beforehand. But that’s not important. What is important is that I felt you there, so close, like I had never felt you in many months, maybe in a year.

 Once I fell asleep, I remembered your scent, your gentle touch. And, although I couldn’t see your face, I knew it was you. It’s always you anyway and sometimes that makes me go mad because dreams can be very well created, very realistic and apparently honest. I wanted you by my side this morning, I wanted to hug you hard, to be able to smell your hair and feel every little feature of your skin. But I couldn’t and that makes me the saddest person on Earth right now.

 How is it that you can enter my dreams like that? You’re there with me, for real, I know it. I feel my mind is not wrong when your arms do feel warm and when your legs join mine and we kiss. It’s you, I just know it is. How can you do it? How can you bare to be here with me and then disappear as if nothing had happened? Am I even important to you, at all? Can you bare to see me go away, walk away from you and declare how much I despise you for stepping away like a shade on sunrise.

 You have been doing this for many months now, maybe years. You know my mind is not the best, my memories are misplaced but my feelings help me not to loose it. And, to be honest, your presence helps me not to go completely mad. Isn’t that funny? Someone that isn’t even here helps me be grounded and balanced. It sound insane and yet it is but it helps. Since you started entering my dreams I have some good nights and I can hope again as I never was able to do. I thank you for that.

 But I know that you know this can only be maintained for a little while. You, coming and going, it’s just not going to work. And not because I need you so much by my side but because I cannot pretend I feel I’m loosing my mind. When you touched my body and I touched yours this morning, I felt on fire. And this fire was not only coming from my heart and my yearning for your skin, but from my mind. My brain is now burning with desires, with needs. My mind wants you to stay too and she can be much more compelling than the rest of me.

 So, would you stay? I think I know the answer to this question but anyway I ask because I know I need to hear it, to read it from you. I need you to tell me something that I can define, that I can understand once and for all because my mind is on the edge, about to fall into an abyss of eternal darkness and despair. I don’t want it to fall into that and all because of you. I don’t want that, I can’t bare the thought of you being my demise. I just can’t do that.

 I have been there before. On one of your absences, I was down there for quite a while. I know now how despair really feels like, how it smells and how it sticks to you like glue that just won’t let go. Darkness was all around me and I had to save myself. To be clear, I would never ask you to save me because that’s not why I need you. You know very well I’m strong enough to withstand anything like that. With every second of despair, of being lost and wandering through life, I’ve grown.

 My looks don’t really give it away, right? I know, I have never been a physical man in any senses but believe when I say that strength comes in many shapes and forms. You could say life has trained me not to depend on anyone, on anything. But, yet again, I’m still human and I still feel like one. I cannot prevent myself from feeling lost sometimes, eager to change or wanting to feel those other feelings, the warm ones that are always there when you are around. That’s one I need from you, what I seek when you’re near me. Not a protection of any kind or someone to protect. Rather, you just make me feel.

 Feel. That sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Maybe it is. Maybe we just complicate our lives, trying to make everything look much more difficult than it is when, the truth is, feeling is just letting yourself go. Maybe that’s why I dream about you sometimes: I let go completely when I’m sleep and then you come and make my mornings just perfect. I swear they are with your kisses, your touch, the sexual desire and that beautiful warmth you bring to my life. If I could dream with you every night, I think I wouldn’t be able to stand it. It would be to much for me. I might be strong but not that strong.

 What’s awful is that I don’t know what you like in the mornings, besides kisses and hugs. Do you like to drink coffee? And if you do, how do you like your coffee? I personally hate it but I would keep one of those machines for you, just to make you happier in the mornings. I can almost picture you, standing by the kitchen counter, sipping from a mug, blowing softly over the coffee to make it go cold. You wouldn’t need to look at me for me to know I would be undoubtedly and deeply in love with you.

 No, don’t be scared. I don’t think I love you know. But I do think that might be possible in the future. If I keep looking at you like I do, if you keep entering my head as you always do, the only possible outcome is that I would become madly in love with you. I would breath for you and walk for you. That may be the future. But again, who knows if there’s going to be a future at all? Maybe we won’t get there; maybe life finds a way to keep us apart for good, only visiting in each other in dreams and illusions until we go insane.

 See? I’m never too far from that word. I guess it haunts me, it chases me through life and I just can’t escape from it. But… It makes me think. What if that’s because of you? What if I’m going insane because I’m already in love with you? People say love is unconditional and universal but that may not be true, love might be different for each person, each individual in this world and that’s how you might be driving me insane. You’re making me fall in love with you. And maybe love is only a poison to me, a venom far worse from anything found in nature.

 It makes sense, when you think about it. That pain, that agonizing pain you feel when you care for someone. It feels like a poison, slowly entering the body slowly, working for years until it finally takes its victim. Strangely, that sounds even more romantic than any other thing I’ve ever heard about. If love was a poison, I would drink it gladly but only if it came for you. That’s my honest answer because I know, every time I see your face, that make me feel different, special, unique and small. And that’s all very strange but amazing.

 I know, for a fact, that I’m not amazing or unique or anything like that. I’m just one small man in a world that is larger than him but that’s also small and insignificant. So who really cares about anything? Who cares if love kills or it doesn’t? I certainly don’t. Who cares if it drives you insane, if it makes you lose yourself completely? Again, I don’t. Because it’s a gamble, a choice you make and I think I might be able to make that choice. Now? No, not now. I have no shame in saying I’m not ready for such a commitment, for such a deep dive.

 But I will. We will all be ready, one fay or the other. There’s a different day, for each of us, in which we will be ready to do what it takes to achieve what we want to achieve, to reach the top of the mountain that has been elusive to our hands. But the mountain doesn’t go away just because you fail or die. It will always be there and one day we will have what it takes to take it for us and make it ours. That’s whom you are for me, my beautiful-snow capped mountain.

 You know? I need you here now. But reality has just fallen with its bright veil around me and I see now that you are not. You are not. And I am. Now I have to keep being until I have my moment, until the day arrives that I can be more than what I am now. Then, hopefully, I will be able to touch you, kiss you and tell you how much I thank you for being there.

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Letter for me (Part 4)

Hey me,

I write you, or me, from my bedroom. Strange, huh? Well, another week passed and more happened. So here it is.

I decided to be honest with the family. They are not to blame in any of this and I had to tell someone about all of this. I mean, after the last letter I remember feeling I was going crazy. I didn't know what was real or not.

So after coming back from "jogging" around the neighborhood, I decided to tell Susan everything. She very patient and calm. She just sat there and let me say every single thing that I had been thinking and feeling, including the fact that I believe this is not my life and that they are not my family.

When I said that, I saw here eyes filling with tears but she contained them as long as she could. I didn't know she was such a strong person, so well put together. She's a therapist, you know? Maybe that's why after talking for thirty minutes straight and then falling silent, she just grabbed my hand and hugged me.

Susan told me she knew something was wrong and that she was happy I finally decided to tell her. She said she loved me and wanted all the best for me. She even offered taking me to a friend of hers, a psychiatrist. Susan think it will help.

To be honest, it has not helped me one bit. I have been going once every day, so I've seen that creepy guy five times. And believe me, you don't get used to someone picking your brain with stupid questions for one hour. I hate going there but Susan seems to be happy about it and I don't want to disappoint her.

And, to be honest, what else is there for me now? That life I had o r think I had has been dead for far to long because I can't seem to get a grip of it.

I know, the drawings... Yeah, that keeps popping in my head from time to time. It's one of those things I've discussed with the shrink but he says I have been putting things I read into Linda's drawings and that I see what I see because I want to see it. Crazy, right? Not surprising though.

But I do. And even Henry does. I asked him to tell me what he saw in the drawings and I'm not insane, I see what he sees.

By the way, I finished the book. The writer has various adventures, like a big spy or something, and at the end, I mean in the last 10 pages, he dies. He's shot in the head by a drug dealer. Linda drew me in a pool of blood. I screamed at the girl and then she cried and then I fought with Susan. That was just some hours ago.

That's why I'm alone in my bedroom. Actually, alone in the house. Susan took the kids to her mother's house and told me to cool down for the night. She didn't seem angry but scared. She seems to think that a night away from them might do me some good but I believe she was scared I might hit her or the kids.

I went crazy. I yelled and hit myself on the head with my fists and punched the wall. My hand hurts as I write.

You know what's funny? My head started to hurt just after I saw the drawing Linda did for me. It's a piercing pain on the back of my head, just as if I had been hit with a blunt object.

I don't want to sleep. It's 3 AM but I don't dare to close my eyes. What if this all goes away too? What if I don't go back to being a writer but I just fade away into another life? I wouldn't be able to take it. I know I can't.

Please be with me. Help me. I'm scared.

*           *           *

The hallway is white. No other color on sight. A woman, rather short, enters a room. Inside an elderly woman cries next to the only bed in the room.

A young man lies there, with tubes coming from all places, breathing through a machine.

- The doctor is ready Mrs. Dominguez.

The elderly lady is squeezes one of the man's hands as a man in a white robe enters the room.

- Do you want to be present? - he says to the woman.

She nods. Tears keep pouring out of her eyes but she makes no noise.

The doctor and the nurse start pressing buttons, pulling out tubes until only one machine is attached to the man in the bed.

The elderly woman comes near and kisses the man on the forehead.

- Bye, Alex. Mama loves you.

The machine starts beeping and finally the sound of death engulfs the room.

miércoles, 3 de septiembre de 2014

Carta Para Mi (Parte 3)

Querido tú (o yo),

Siento preocuparte, posiblemente sin necesidad si no recuerdas nada, pero los últimos días han sido de lo peor y con graves consecuencias para ambos.

Te escribo desde un pequeño parque al que vine bajo el pretexto de trotar un poco. Le dije a Susana que sentía que me estaba creciendo la panza y salí sin mayores explicaciones. La verdad no tengo el menor interés en saber si me creyó o no.

Esta semana en la oficina ha sido como los primeros días: sin problemas. He conocido mucha gente que al parecer ya conocía y a otros que nunca había visto esta versión de nosotros. Nada importante con eso a excepción de lo que pasó en uno de los almuerzos a los que tuve que ir.

Fue en un museo, en un elegante y pequeño restaurante donde comimos poco y cerramos algunos tratos con otro banco. En un momento tuve que ir al baño por lo que crucé frente a la librería del lugar. Por lo que sé, en esta realidad no soy muy adicto a la lectura pero creo que sí lo era en la otra... El caso es que me detuve al ver la portada de uno de los libros en la vitrina.

No, no había una foto nuestra. Solo pasó que reconocí el título del libro: "Atardecer bajo los olivos". Entré al lugar y leí que el autor era un colombiano con un nombre que no me recuerda a nadie. Pero por alguna razón sentí que sabía algo de ese libro, como si lo hubiera leído muchas veces.

Tanta fue mi sorpresa que compré una copia y empecé a leerlo en mis momentos libres. No te lo vas a creer pero el personaje principal es muy parecido a lo poco que recuerdo de nuestra vida pasada: un escritor solitario que vive aventuras en Europa y otros exóticos lugares. Siento que conozco esos lugares... Cada vez más creo estar loco.

El otro suceso extraño ocurrió ayer viernes, en la noche. La pequeña Linda se me acercó y me dio, una vez más, uno de sus dibujos. Tal vez porque había estado muy distraído o por lo cansado que llego del trabajo o por el hecho de sentir que me estoy enloqueciendo, no había puesto nunca atención a los dibujos de la niña, de mi hija.

En el que me entregó ayer antes de cenar, había un pequeño personaje. Estaba en un balcón viendo hacia un acantilado. La casa donde estaba el personaje estaba rodeada de muchas otras casas blancas y azules. El mar era azul y el personaje, se me olvidaba decirte, no estaba solo. Había otro muñeco al lado.

- Quienes son? - le pregunté a mi hija.
- Este eres tu. - me dijo señalando al personaje que estaba apoyado en la baranda del balcón.
- Y el otro.
- Es tu amigo.

Eso me dejó desconcertado. Que hace mi hija dibujándome con otro hombre en lo que parece una isla paradisiaca?

Después de la cena revisé los otros dibujos y había varias escenas: en una el personaje, siempre vestido de gabardina negra, estaba en la playa con un edificio en forma de vela detrás de él. En otro dibujo estaba escribiendo en un pequeño cuarto, con la torre Eiffel a la vista por la ventana. El más más extraño de todos era uno en el que solo se me veía de espaldas, frente a una ventana enorme. Del otro lado se veía una avenida, con algunos buses y personas circulando por ella.

Le pedí que me dijera de donde había sacado tantos lugares y a otros personajes, pero solo dijo que se los había imaginado. La verdad es que no le creo nada aunque tal vez eso sea porque cada vez que miro los dibujos me estremezco, se me pone la piel de gallina.

Ah, se me olvidaba un detalle. Resulta que el personaje del libro del museo tiene varias escenas parecidas a los dibujos! Por eso mi reacción fue bastante notoria e incluso Enrique se lo hizo ver a Linda y Susana en la cena. Tuve que decir que era por el estrés del trabajo pero no creo que se lo hayan creído mucho.

Será que somos un personaje de un libro? Eso suena ridículo pero a estas alturas nada se me hace muy extraño. La verdad es que no sé ya que explicación darle a todo esto.

Lo que sé es que no pertenezco aquí y también sé que ese pasado, u otra realidad o lo que sea, ya no existe si es que existió. Tal vez sí estoy loco y me lo estoy imaginando todo o tal vez solo sea un asunto de percepción.

Eso último me dolería. Sería bastante horrible no reconocer a mis hijos como propios, lo mismo con mi esposa. Pero la realidad es que así es y por eso quisiera que ellos no fueran en realidad mi familia.

No sé que hacer. Tuve que sacar una hoja (podrás ver lo arrugada) y un bolígrafo de la casa como si fueran drogas o algo por el estilo. Lo hice sin que nadie me viera y encontré este pequeño parque solitario para escribirme.

Lo seguiré haciendo tanto como pueda pero algo me dice que esto no puede durar mucho. Algo o alguien tiene que ceder, como oí decir por ahí.

Me despido ya. Deben estar preocupados. Revisaré de nuevo los dibujos y al parecer tengo que llevar al niño a un partido de fútbol o béisbol o algo por el estilo. En fin...

No te olvides de ti,


P.S: Se me olvidaba contarte que el gato blanco no aparece. La niña lloró todo el jueves pero ya está más calmada. La desaparición de esa bola de pelos no ayuda mucho a esta confusión.

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Letter for me (Part 2)

Hello you,

or should I say "me"? This is getting weirder and weirder. Yesterday I couldn't keep writing because I had to sign loads of papers and then go home and be with the family.

Not my family but the family. I still don't get how this happened. I've tried going over and over it but I keep forgetting things. Had to read yesterday's letter in order to remember about the dog! Not that anyone cares... I have a cat now, Snow or something like that. He's always very creepy appearing in weird places and looking straight at me as if he knew something I don't.

The work is not that bad though. It appears I have been a pretty good accountant and my position here seems to be very well respected. Everyone greets me when I come in the morning and they wave at lunch time. There's even a young woman that flirted with me on the elevator, by showing a little too much cleavage and biting her lower lip. It's weird but I don't think our past self likes that.

That's something else I've forgotten: I have no idea if we had a girlfriend, a wife or if we just lived alone in an apartment. I don't feel like a party boy but not like a husband or father either.

Actually, that's one of the upsides of this "reality", if you will. Linda is the tiny one. She's actually seven years old, not six as I first thought. She's a sweetheart and up to this moment she has handed me at least ten drawings done specially for me. Yesterday night I told her a bedtime story and for a moment I didn't even care about all of this. She looked so peaceful and happy...

Henry is the name of our son. He's 11 and looks more like Susan (wife) than like us. The girl is more like us, so that's why I think I like her better. The boy likes sports a lot: he was playing football with friends when I got home yesterday and Susan told me he had judo practice today. He didn't get it from me though, not past or present. I remember, and feel, that we never liked any kind of physical exercise. Furthermore, I've looked through some photo albums (telling Susan I felt like reviewing the past) and saw that in this version of us we have no interest for sports either.

Actually that move was kinda dangerous. Susan, who is quite beautiful and sweet, wanted to have sex when seeing the pictures of the wedding. To be honest, I wanted to keep watching them as I had no recollection of that ever happening. The saddest part is that I didn't recognize who Susan called "your parents". Two nice people smiling me from a picture and I have no idea of who they are...

No, I didn't have sec with her. I told her I had to get some things ready for work and just sprung out of bed. I spent almost all night wandering around my office (a fucking office in the house!) thinking of the pictures and those memories that I don't have.

I have a theory now and I want to share it with you. I believe someone has to have our memories. Probably the man that lived here woke up in our old life. I can't stop but hating him but I guess that, if he exists, he's really not to blame.

Almost no sleep is giving me a headache but it was just impossible. I've gone all through the house, the details of this life and I have no recollection of anything. I just don't know any of these people. I don't even know if we lived in this city or this country for that matter. I'm trying to teach myself how to behave and breath because I may go insane. I feel it.

Maybe that's another explanation? What if this is all a reality I've created after having a seizure or a breakdown? I think it's possible although is not a really nice thought.

To be honest, I can't say I want to go back because I keep losing more and more of that life and keep feeling obliged to do my part here. Susan, Linda and Henry have no fault in this and I can't keep but thinking about their reaction if I told them about this.

Man, I know your are me. But this is the only way to keep me sane. At least until I start to get all of this, at least a bit more.

Well, time to go. Some big shot invited me to lunch and I had to say yes. I guess that's what this guy is all about.

Keep it real,


P.S: Don't you think it's weird we are named Alex in both versions? That makes me crazy.

lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2014

Carta Para Mi (Parte 1)

Querido Yo,

te escribo escribo esta carta para hacer algo así como un diario de lo que ha venido pasando en los últimos días. Creo que así podré saber que fui yo mismo quien escribió esto, si es que de un día para otro también olvido quien soy ahora y no solo quien era antes...

Todo empezó el sábado en la mañana. Me desperté, como normalmente supongo que hago, pero en vez de hacerlo en mi cama lo hice en la cama de alguien más. No te imaginas la sorpresa que fue sentir un cuerpo al lado del mío, durmiendo tranquilamente.

En caso de que no recuerdes nada, antes vivías solo. Sí, solo! Tenías un apartamento pequeño pero iluminado en el centro de la ciudad. Aunque la soledad no era total pues tenía un perro raza beagle de nombre Pepe. Era el mejor amigo que has tenido.

Pero él no estaba en esta casa. Ese día me levanté en silencio y salí del cuarto. Pensé que podía haber tomado bastante y resultado en la cama de una mujer desconocida pero no recordaba haber bebido el día anterior. Para serte sincero, quisiera recordar más de nuestra vida pasada pero parece que cada día detalles se desvanecen de mi mente.

Cuando salí del cuarto me di cuenta de que estábamos en una casa, bastante grande y moderna por cierto. Bajé al primer piso cuidando de no despertar a la mujer pero casi fracaso cuando, a mitad de la escalera, un gato blanco y gordo me maúllo porque casi le piso la cola. El horrible bicho (no nos gustan los gatos) salió corriendo hacia arriba.

Al bajar llegué a la sala y me fijé que había bastantes objetos, muebles y fotografías. No les puse atención, más que todo por el hecho de estar sorprendido: una mujer con una casa tan grande y tantas cosas seguramente era mujer con dinero. Y siendo escritor, no viene mal un dinero imprevisto.

Se me olvidaba decirte que somos escritores. Escritor mejor dicho. Publicamos una novela que no tuvo mucha acogida y ahora escribir reseñas de un poco de todo y damos clase en una universidad. Disculpa si te confundo al hablar como si fuéramos dos personas, cuando tu eres yo y viceversa. Se me hace más llevadero así, como si hablara en alguien que puedo confiar.

Fui a la cocina y había café en en la cafetera. Puse a calentar un poco y, mientras tanto, me acerqué a la ventana de la cocina que daba a la puerta de entrada. Parece un sueño ese sitio! Pasto verde como en las películas y un muro bien cuidado que la separa del mundo.

Y ahí me asusté. También se veía el camino para los automóviles y, de hecho, había dos. Una camioneta como las que usan las mamás que llevan a sus hijos al partido de fútbol y un carro más pequeño, gris. Instintivamente pensé que era de su esposo y me invadió el pánico. Tenía que irme pero estaba en boxers y mi ropa seguramente estaba en el cuarto de la mujer.

No sabes el miedo que sentí. Me devolví a las escaleras e iba a subir cuando me detuve en seco y me puse más frío de lo que estoy ahora, escribiéndome.

Había una niña de unos 6 años, abrazando un peluche en forma de elefante, en la parte más alta de la escalera. Sentí como si estuviera desnudo en la mitad de la nieve, como si no tuviera más opción que salir corriendo. Si te soy sincero, creí que la niña iba a gritar o a correr o algo.

Pero no. Bajó algunos escalones, me miró con sus enormes ojos color avellana y dijo:

- Papi, tengo sed.

Sí... Somos papás. O al menos ahora lo somos. Antes nunca estuvimos cerca de serlo ni mucho menos...

Mierda. Estoy en la oficina de este... nuestra oficina, la de ahora. Acaba de sonar el teléfono y era mi secretaria. Aparentemente trabajo en un banco y la verdad, no sé como, pero sé que hacer lo que hay que hacer. Es horrible.

Te escribo esto mientras nadie me ve pero temo que alguien pueda entrar y me vea haciendo esto. No puedo permitir que me internen o algo así. No sin entender que pasa.

Nuestro nombre es Alejandro Domínguez. Somos un escritor y vivimos solos. Ahora somos un contador y tenemos dos hijos y una esposa. Nos aman pero no los puedo amar de vuelta.

No puedo seguir escribiendo. Me busca alguien que no conozco pero que al parecer debería... 

En todo caso quiero que sepas que estoy contigo, si es que las cosas han vuelto a cambiar. Vamos a averiguar que pasa. Te lo prometo.