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sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014

Over the lights

The young guy was there, just looking through the window, sitting on the edge of the frame. He was looking somewhere beyond the buildings, the streets, the people and their noise. It seemed he was looking at something that wasn't there or he maybe even not really looking, just wondering.

 - Sorry. - I said.

I put the papers I had been asked to look for on the desk. The boy immediately turned around and looked directly into my eyes. For lack of a better word, they were mesmerizing: not blue or green or honey colored. They were brown but somehow they were so much more special than any other brown eyes I had ever seen.

He smiled at me and turned his head again, returning to his wondering beyond this place, in which he obviously had no intention to stay. For me, it wasn't clear why he was there but my boss was handling his affairs. He was his attorney and I was the attorney's assistant. Not having come out of law school yet, I was trying to learn what made a lawyer a very good one but as of yet, i had only learned how to make a decent cup of coffee and how to juggle two boxes of donuts and three large lattes.

Then, my boss entered. Ms. Hoffman was a tall, intimidating woman. And to be honest, I was surprised to see her advising such a young guy. He had to be younger than me, I thought. But there he was, all worried. And her, she was in one weird mood. Normally, Ms. Hoffman would be yelling at everyone, asking for things, denying others and then asking for notes and data and so on. But today, she had been in her office all day until he came. And here she was.

 - How have you been, Tony?

So, he's name was Tony. He sat down next to year with me on the other side. They chatted amicably for a while, asking the same superficial things one asks a friend or a close acquaintance. This was extremely strange, as Ms. Hoffman had never really shown interest in any person, not employee or client. But there she was, asking him about his health and work.

For what I could take from the conversation, she had helped him emancipate himself from his family. The guy owned a billion dollar company. You know, one of those young brains of the new generation: they make an app and the next day they are giving money to Bill Gates or something.

He was not a friend of words, speaking only if he had to and not bothering to fake a smile, a thing that Ms. Hoffman was doing. It seemed so odd and unnatural. And, when the meeting passed its first thirty minutes, I started wondering what I was doing there. Besides handling papers from time to time, I was not doing much. She hadn't asked for coffee or some difficult number from ten years ago. She had just demanded me to be there.

Then the meeting was over. They were bidding farewell to each other when Ms Hoffman said:

 - Oh, I almost forgot. This is the guy I told you about. He's perfect for you.

At first, I was not sure I had heard it correctly. I tried to say something but then he looked at me again and all the words melted quickly. He just nodded and said "He'll do fine". Was I been pimped or something similar? Why hadn't she told me anything?

He came out first and she started walking after him but then I recovered my words and asked her what was going on. She only said that now I worked for him and that I should go after him and ask all the details about the new job. She said I could clear my post on the weekend.

So I stood there, for what it felt like ages. I had been laid off but at the same time I had a new job already. Confusing? Of course, but mysterious even more. I rushed after the guy and realized he had taken the elevator already so I had to go into a crowded one. When I finally arrived to the ground floor, I rushed out only to see the young man smirking, waiting leaning on a black car.

 - Get in, guy.

He got in and then I followed. It wasn't a limousine or anything but the car was beautiful inside and out and the chauffeur didn't spoke a word. Apparently, he knew the schedule by heart. He started to drive and then I noticed the young guy was looking at me.

 - Name?

For a second I doubted but then I finally spoke.

 - Ellar Ramsay.
 - Good. Call me Tony.

I nodded. Then shut up again. I had no idea what to ask or say. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know why I had entered a car without saying something before or asking the destination. I just sat there, looking through the window. If he really was my new boss, he would ask something at some time. Maybe lattes were also his thing.

The car stopped in front of a beautiful building. He asked the chauffeur to park it properly and come back the following day. The man only nodded in response.

When we got, Tony walked in front of me at all times. I just smiled or nodded to people in the building until we were alone in the elevator, taking us up to the thirtieth floor.

 - Did Ellen tell you anything about your job with me?

I nodded negatively.

 - Are you afraid of me?

That was one tough question. Although short and seeming fairly simple, Tony did have something very intimidating about him. His body language, his expressions, that way of looking at nothing, his eyes, ... He was really strange, even more than Ms. Hoffman. At least she was predicable. From this young fellow, no one knew what had to be expected and I suspected he was aware of this feeling he imprinted in people's mind.

 - I see you are. Good but not in your post.

The elevator opened and he stepped out. I followed, but stopped almost immediately: we were obviously at his apartment and it was really nice. It didn't look like one of those rich people's flats; all done by some crazy designer that thinks black is the only color in the world. No, this was a home, full of color and, obviously, feelings.

There were pictures, a lot of them. I saw Tony in some of them. And a man and a woman, probably his parents. I followed him through the living room and then to a corridor. I was sure he was leading me to an office where we would discuss the details of my new post but, once again, I was mistaken. We were in the bedroom.

It was lit by the pale light of sundown and when he switched the lights on, it felt as if the afternoon sun had entered the room. It looked beautiful. So beautiful it was, I had not realized he was taking his clothes off. Again, my words were lost. I saw his shoes, pants, t-shirt and jacket fall to the floor.

 - Pick that up for me, please.

He entered another room, probably the closet, and started singing. I couldn't decipher, or care about, which song it was. I took the clothes and folded them and then put them on his bed. What was I doing? Why was I just doing what he wanted instead of demanding answers or simply leaving?

I then realized I was breathing heavily so I decided to get closer to the window and try to slow myself down, to relax, to get my words back from him. As I calmed down, I saw the city unfold before my eyes, all the car lights and building lit up, all ready for the night. I remembered it was Friday night and I was being expected in a bar.

 - How do I look?

I turned to him and saw he had put on a tuxedo. He looked very sharp, except for the light blue socks he was wearing and his unshaved appearance. I felt him taking over me again but this time, I closed my eyes and spoke.

 - What am I doing in here?

He smiled and got close. For some reason, I shivered. I was scared.

 - Don't be scared. I'm not a maniac or anything. I get a bit crazy often but not really mental.
 - Do I really work for you?
 - Yes, you do.
 - As.... what? A prostitute? I don't...

Again, he smiled but this time I didn't felt threatened but relieved.

 - I do, actually. But that has nothing to do with it. I asked Ellen for a sharp, intelligent guy to be my       assistant. That's you.

What? Assistant? Again?!

 - I know you are her assistant. Or used to be, at least. Now, you are mine anyway. And I need you.

And then he did something I didn't saw coming. He took my hands and squeezed them gently.

 - I need someone I can trust. Someone that knows all of me and me of him. And no, not a                      relationship based on love or sex but on partnership. I own a small empire and I need a guy like you    to help me make it bigger and better.

So many thoughts were rushing into my head. I could even feel the blood going all over my body. I had to speak now but, again, all inside of me was blocked. My head lay low, at the floor. This time, I wasn't blocked because of him but because of the chance given by him to me. I had always wanted to be a lawyer, a great hero defending people from titans trying to steal their lives from them. But this man was asking me to be his shadow, forever probably. And just like that, without any explanation or details.

I raised my head again and looked at him, straight in the eye. When I saw him, I felt a connection. And I was sure I saw him feeling it too.

 - What do you need me for? - I said.
 - Grab me some dark socks and help me shave. I swear it gets better down the road.

Again, he smiled at me with that craftiness, that subtle way he had to get what he wanted by just using his eyes.

The only difference this time was that, without hesitation, I smiled back.

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Look again

 - Just dump him.

She looked at her friend really confident of herself, almost defying.

 - It's not that easy.

 - Yes it is. He cheated, didn't he? That's what you have to do.

 - But what if...

 - What if what? He didn't meant to fuck someone else? Honey, wake up. Men are trash. Why do you     think I repel all those crazies?

 - We have been together for two years now.

 - Great. Remind him of that while you dump him.

 - It's not that easy. We have shared so many things and I don't know if ending it just like that is the        right solution.

Her friend sighed and drank a sip of her coffee. She raised her hand and asked the waiter to bring another slice of pineapple cheesecake.

 - So, what other solution is there?

 - Well, he looked for someone else didn't he? Maybe I failed to...

 - You failed? Let me ask you: have you fucked someone behind his back?

 - No.

 - Then you haven't failed. There are things bound not to work and that's fine but you have to speak         up and say "I don't like this" o "I don't like that". Going behind everyone's back like that says a lot       about him.

 - You're talking about him as if you didn't knew him, as if you hadn't laughed at his jokes or enjoyed      all the parties at his house.

 - That doesn't have anything to do with this. Yes, I enjoyed that all but he had a responsibility with         you, like a contract if you will. He committed to respect you no matter what and he didn't.

The waiter comes with the cheesecake. She asks the other girl if she wants something. She asks for another cappuccino.

 - I know you're right. But what should I do? I love him. I hate him for what he did but I love him          more than that.

 - Look, I don't know it all, that is true. Maybe you are more of a compassionate being that me and        you can forgive him and make him a good person or whatever. But I strongly believe people don't      just change. People only discover things inside that they have had all their lives but it's not like            evolution unfolding before your eyes.

 - So, according to you, I should just dump him?

 - Yes. It would hurt like a bitch but, believe me, that pain is much better than trying and trying and    failing where you knew you'd fail.

The girl with the problem holds her friends hands and smile at her.

 - I think I'll have to think about it but thank you so much for this. Really.

The friends smiles at her and then hey change the subject, to a happier one.

*        *        * 

A week later, the two friends reunite again. The one with the cheating boyfriends arrives first and, a few minutes later, her friend sits in front of her. She doesn't say much as she knows her friend should be the first to speak.

 - There's a lot to say.

 - No surprise there.

 - Actually, there kind of is...

 - What do you mean?

 - Remember when I told you I had caught him? In his house?

 - Yeah, you had the key in. You told me you were there to surprise him with a gift you found for           him. But when you entered his room, he was naked having sex with a girl. The girl covered herself     and you left, pissed, of course.

 - That sums it up.

Her friend smiles.

 - So, what is the surprise? Was the girl a hooker or what?

The other woman tries to speak but can't. She grunts, then she smiles and covers her face. Then back to a straight face.

 - What? What's funny?

 - It happens, I lied...

 - What?

 - I lied.

 - About what? You didn't caught him in the act? There was no gift? What?

 - No, that was all true. But, before I entered the room I heard... moaning.

 - Oh... So?

 - I went in because it sounded strange.

 - He was fucking another girl. Of course it was strange.

 - B, he wasn't fucking a girl.

Her friend went mute. For a second she was confused but then her eyes grew big as she understood what her friend was saying and what her earlier smile meant.

 - Fuck.

 - Yeah... I know.

 - But... You dumped him, right?

 - Yeah.

 - Talked to him?

 - I did. He kinda explained or whatever. I feel like an idiot, to be honest.

 - I know. I mean, what a surprise, huh?

 - It really wasn't, you know? Somehow, I always knew it. I saw signs and just now I realize how i all    made sense.

 - Tough luck, then. Two years...

 - I'm trying not to think about it... You know what's weird?

 - What?

 - I feel sorry for him. I really do. I mean, I know him. Like, really know him and I don't hate him or      whatever.

 - You are the best girl a guy or gay or girl could ask for.

They both then laughed and the tension that had been brewing for weeks disappeared. Like the last time, they changed the subject.

Although, there was one more surprise ahead but not for the girl that had been cheated on but for her friend. Guess who was the guy covering himself with blankets in the bed of her best friend's ex?