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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Corina, Silkat and the pirates

   She left all of her clothes by the shore and the slowly entered the water. The sunrays coming from both suns toasted her skin but it was not necessary because Corina already had the most beautiful skin, which she completely submerged into the ocean after a while. She felt the water cooling down her body and a certain peace of mind that she hadn’t felt in quite a while. She swam from one of the big rocks in the beach to the other. The water was not very deep and it was very clear, so much that you could perfectly see if anyone or anything was too close to you.

 Corina stopped swimming after a while and went back to the beach where she sat down on the sand, leaving her feet in the water. She had wanted to do that for so long. She had been very stressed lately and just needed to relax a while. She worked very far from there, as a nurse. Silkat was one more of the many new colonies, so she didn’t really have a lot of people to handle back in the infirmary, but Corina was ok with that too. Even with a few people coming in, she was glad to help and to learn.

 Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw something in the water. Instinctively, she stood up, stepping away from the water. The water moved again by one of the rocks and it was then she saw it: it was a medium sized creature, swimming very slowly, with not a lot of grace. Corina couldn’t tell if the creature was violent or not but she didn’t move any more than she had. She just waited to see if the creature came closer or if it was just passing by.

 The creature then jumped out of the water and landed almost in front of Corina. She almost screamed but covered in her mouth in time. She realized screaming to a creature that was double her size would not be a very smart thing. The creature looked like some old pictures Corina had seen as a little girl in storybooks. It resembled a lot to what her parents called a seal but this one was larger and its husks were smaller and its skin was light blue. And the end of its flippers, it had something like fingers.

 The creature walked towards Corina and she decided not to move. Even if she had wanted to, she wouldn’t have been able to do so because she was very scared. She even forgot for a while that she was stark naked in the middle of a beach she had just found. The creature slowly walk (maybe it had something like human feet, too) and then raised its “hands” and touched Corina.

She almost screamed but she was surprised to realize the creature was nice and warm and its skin had a nice thing about it, it felt good. It was like its skin had the power to make you feel better. Somehow, she saw the creature’s face form something like a smile and Corina responded with the same. So she had found a friend.

 Corina was about to touch the creature when something loud broke the peace of the beach. The creature apparently felt it just before because it moved quickly back into the water. Corina stumbled to the ground and saw how two men came out of the wilderness by the beach and started shooting something at the creature. It was obvious they weren’t trying to kill it but they were hurting him somehow. The men got near her and she tried to get to her clothes but another men, that she hadn’t seen, blocked her way. When she tried to run the other way, she found another men.

 The creature was caught inside a huge net that appeared to hum, like a bee. It was probably taking its energy in order to control the animal’s strength. The creature complained for a while, but then it stopped making sounds. It had died or maybe fallen asleep. As for Corina, one of the men was holding her and the other one was smelling her clothes and then threw it all to the water. They pushed her into the wilderness and made her walk for a while until they reached the water again but this time there was a boat and they made her go into it.

 Silkat was made of many islands, both big and small. They were no big continents like in other planets. The island on which Corina met the creature was next to a bigger one, where a small town called Pazu was located. The pirates, the men that took her with them, probably used another island as their hideout.

 They tied Corina’s hands with a thick rope and she was able to see that the creature was being transported on another boat, behind hers. She wondered what they were going to do with her. She looked at them and saw only men so she remembered the tales that some of the woman in Pazu had told her. They said that Silkat was not very advanced and that men ruled life in here. It wasn’t like in the rest of civilized planets. Silkat was still in the Stone Age, in that sense and also in many others.

 They reached another island when the sun was setting and they put Corina in a cage made of a strong wood. She would stay there for days, never to see the creature again. She wondered if it had been killed or if had another use for them besides food. It was very classic of her to worry about others when her own situation was not the best. She decided she wouldn’t fight unless she had a clear shot at escaping.

 But that opportunity didn’t present itself the first year. She remained on that cage for many months until they decided to put a collar on her and then make her work for them. They threatened her to activate the bomb on the collar if she ever did something wrong or if she tried to escape, so Corina had no choice but to bare with everything those men did to her. They touched her a lot, like an object of their property. They made her cook for them and also clean their boats and their clothes. She was a slave. They never gave her anything to put on her body except that collar but she didn’t really care because the weather had gotten somehow hotter.

 Every single night, when they stopped harassing her and she could just lay down on her cage, she looked up to the stars and wondered if someone was missing her at all. Maybe the people of Pazu were looking for her, although that was unlikely because she didn’t feel the town was too far. If they had been searching, they would have found her. And her family and friends abroad, they probably had no idea that she had vanished so long ago.

 Some days, most of the pirates left and left her to do her chores almost on her own, only one bodyguard with the activator on his belt. But even so she just couldn’t get herself to steal from him. She didn’t think she could win in a fight. Besides, every single day she felt less like a human been. It was as if they were draining her energy very slowly, second by second. She recalled the net they had thrown over the poor creature and how it made it weaker.

 The other thing was that she worked so hard, in so many ways, that when she was left alone she could only think about sleeping. Corina had stopped wanting real food after she realized the men treated her like a pet and just threw whatever they weren’t going to eat to her: some bones with very little meat on them, hard flat bread and some rotten fruits from the nearby trees. So she preferred to dream. And those dreams she asked, way to often, to be killed or to die fast.

 One day, after almost two years, she saw most of the pirates coming back as she was cleaning their clothes by the shore. Then, some of their boats exploded and she could hear gunfire. She tried to take a better look but her eyes weren’t what they were anymore. She could only see there were other boats there and that the fight was savage. Then, she felt someone stand behind her. It was a woman, fully clothed, with the activator on her hand. She pressed the button and Corina thought her death had come.

 But it didn’t. The activator was actually a deactivator. The pirates had never wanted to kill her. As the woman that rescued her told her some days later, “They need their slaves”. She was dragged into another boat and brought into civilization were she was cured and then asked if she wanted to remain on Silkat or if she wanted to be transferred. She thought about it for a whole day before realizing she wanted to stay to help build that society, to make those men realize they couldn’t do what they had done to her. She wanted the universe to be fair.

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Fuego de Cambio

Horacio sabía muy bien que hacer. Lo repasaba una y otra vez en su mente, mientras subía a toda prisa por unas escaleras en caracol que parecían eternas.

Por fin llegó al cuarto que había en la punta de la torre y desde allí pudo apreciar lo que sucedía abajo. El dragón, negro como la noche, sobrevolaba el pueblo cercano y lanzaba fuego sobre algunas casas. Desde la torre, Horacio podía ver como la gente escapaba pero era seguro que habría muertes en el lugar.

Dejó de mirar por la ventana para buscar por todo el suelo una losa suelta. Tocaba el suelo de piedra como si estuviera ciego. Yrene había dicho que lo había dejado allí, cuando la habían encerrado después de su captura.

Afuera se oían gritos y parecían más cercanos que antes. Horacio tuvo que ponerse de pie para mirar de nuevo y darse cuenta que algunos aldeanos habían decidido refugiarse en el castillo, poniendo en peligro la misión que el hombre tenía a su cargo.

De nuevo, se echó al piso a tantear losa por losa hasta que, pasado un rato, encontró la que estaba suelta y sacó de un hueco de abajo de ella un collar que consistía en una cadena de oro delgada y un pendiente del tamaño de un pulgar. Era una piedra gruesa color rojo sangre que, de solo verla, estremeció a Horacio.

Él sabía bien la historia de este artefacto y prefería no pensarlo mucho. Se puso de pie rápidamente y salió disparado por la escalera. A medio camino se detuvo al iluminarse el estrecho espacio de un tono ámbar. Vio por una rendija al exterior al dragón atacando el castillo y lanzando una llamarada cerca a la torre. Se guardó el collar en un bolsillo del chaleco y prosiguió su camino.

De haber estado viendo al dragón un par de segundos más, Ignacio hubiera muerto. Al pasar al corredor del quinto piso, la bestia demolió con la cola la torre, que cayó en pedazos al patio inferior, matando a varios refugiados.

Ignacio se detuvo un momento, frente a unas escaleras más grandes para tomar aire. El dragón parecía haberse ido ya que ya no escuchaba sus rugidos. Sacó el collar del bolsillo y lo contempló.

La leyenda decía que ese pequeño articulo de vestir tenía el poder de conceder la habilidad de controlar el mundo al antojo del portador. Yrene, hábilmente, lo había robado al morir el decadente ser que habían llamado el Supremo y lo había escondido con ella hasta que fue arrestada por el nuevo reino.

Ahora Ignacio sabía que hacer, aunque violaba su misión. En vez de bajar al patio inferior y salir por la puerta de atrás, como le habían dicho que hiciera, el hombre de barba y amplios hombros bajó un par de pisos más y penetró con fuerza en la biblioteca del castillo. Era un secreto a voces que varios libros de magia negra habían sido escondidos allí y el hombre pensaba que al usar un conjuro con el collar, podría terminar para siempre con la maldad en su hogar.

Los rugidos del dragón se sentían lejanos pero solo por los gruesos muros del lugar. La criatura seguramente había vuelto a atormentar a la gente que se había refugiado en el castillo.

Ignacio entró a un pequeño cuarto oculto tras varios objetos antiguos, que rompió sin ningún cuidado. Sabía de él por lo que el mago Mortus le había confesado. Había tan solo un estante de tres niveles con libros polvorientos. Rápidamente sacó uno y otro y otro hasta que dio con un conjuro satisfactorio.

Vale aclarar que mientras el buscaba, más personas morían y, lejos, en el mar, otra bestia atacaba la nave en la que viajaba Yrene.

El hombre salió corriendo de la biblioteca y se ubico frente a una ventana, desde la que podía ver al dragón. Y entonces, empezó a leer, en otro idioma, uno antiguo que Mortus le había enseñado al convertirse.

Entonces las criaturas, tanto el dragón como el calamar gigante, empezaron a rajarse, como porcelanas viejas. Al terminar de leer el conjuro, Ignacio vio como el dragón explotaba pero la luz permaneció después de desaparecer la criatura. El hombre no entendía. La luz, o mejor, las luces, empezaron a expandirse hasta cegar a todos quienes la vieron. El mundo conocido, se vio envuelto en luz y cambió para siempre.