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sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

What I saw in the cave

   No matter how much I try, I will never forget what I saw in that cave. The scientists had already done their digging and everything was as organized as it could be. To my surprise, people I had known from the past and from afar, were working with them. I didn’t know why but I never asked anything in detail, it was better if I was in the metaphorical dark. In the cave I was in the real dark, a humid place that appeared to be like a museum, at least in the first area I stepped in. It was a scary thing to do, entering that place, but I did it anyway.

 Then, I saw him. It was very strange: he came up to me and said “Hi” and I answered. We knew each other but, deep in my being, I didn’t know from where or why. He seemed to stare at me to much, making me a bit uncomfortable. I tried not to look at him too much because he made me feel worried somehow. Then, another man appeared, one that was already leaving the cave. That one I knew very fast who he was: I had bought my ticket in from him and I think I don’t really have to explain what that’s supposed to mean.

 We didn’t looked at each other for long, instead pretended to ignore one another. A kind girl I had known back in high school gave me a helmet and some protective goggles. I had to loosen them up a little bit because they were really tight around my head and I was already getting a headache from seeing two guys I had been intimate with in the same place. I suppose that didn’t really spoke very well of my behavior but, to be honest, I don’t really care how others perceive me as long as I’m able to get whatever it is that I want.

 With the girl, I started to descend into the depths of the cave. I was getting more and more nervous because I knew what they had found there, I knew very well why I had come and it was because I wanted every single piece of the truth in my power. I wasn’t going to give up an ounce of the knowledge I had gathered along the years and I certainly wasn’t going to pull back from getting my hands on every piece of information I might need. I think everyone that knows me has that in their mind when they see me and, to be honest, I like it.

 Julia, the girl who takes me deeper and deeper into the ground, doesn’t seem to care about any of that. She had always been so kind and respectful of everyone when we were in school together. She was a little bit like me: never excelled in anything, always been a very average student. However, she had it clear in her mind what she wanted to become: a renowned journalist. She worked her ass off for it and made it. Now she worked with this corporation because she thought she would get the first scoop on the story.

 I got scared for the first time when I stepped on a rock covered in moss and I almost fell right in the hole they had made in the ground. Julia was very agile and managed to grab my hand in the almost dark, pulling me back afterwards in one go. She was stronger than I had imagined and now I understood why they had hired her. Maybe she had being trained, like all those other security guards that I had seen around the compound. They were like huge rocks, impossible to overcome. They weren’t even scary but massive.

 We descended a little bit more until Julia took my hand and told me to let her lead, as there was a doorway built into the wall that lead into the space which I wanted to visit. After walking for a bit, we crossed a plastic curtain and then there was a very potent light. She told me to grab one of the hazmat suits that were hanging on hooks on the side of the tunnel and put it on as fast and as efficiently as I could. I don’t know why, but I started to shake a lot right there.

 When I was done with suiting up, I realized she had been ready for a while. I couldn’t hear her and she couldn’t hear me. I guess the suits prevented even know from getting in or out. I felt strange, not very sure of what I was doing but I was already there and there was no turning back. Julia walked first and I followed her. The tunnel continued for, at least, fifty meters and then it opened up into another chamber in the cave system. Julia had a flashlight and made me realize how massive the space was. A building could have easily rested there.

 Then, she grabbed my hand and indicated with her hands that she was going to be pointing the flashlight downwards. And then she seemed to ask something of me: to remain quiet. I didn’t really understand why she would do that sign. I did moments later when I didn’t obey her advice and screamed at the top of my lungs. It was the most awful thing I had ever seen and the image was now stuck in my head, in my eyes even. She pulled me out as fast as she could and, in what seem seconds later, we were on the entry point of the cave.

 I ripped off my suit and decided not to listen to her orders or to anyone else. I dropped every piece of equipment as I walk straight to his office, to Michael’ office, the guy I had slept with in order to get in there. He wasn’t in the office. I started looking around for him but the small group of trailers that made up the camp next to the cave was not exactly a big one. There were not really many options to where he could have gone. I left the last pieces of the suit there, turning around as if going crazy.

 Then, Alex came and grabbed me tight. He took me to one of the trailers and close the door. He was the guy I thought I knew but didn’t quite remember. When I saw his eyes from a close distance, I remembered him all right: Alex had been one of the guys in my life that I had to convince of things that weren’t real. That was my life and now he was in front of me again and the worst part was that he seemed to still think that everything that happened was true. But I wasn’t up for that, not then.

 I asked him, before he could say anything, if he knew about the cave, if they all knew. He told me only a handful of people had gone down there. He hadn’t and neither had Michael. Only Julia and the group of scientists had been there but the rest of the crew in the camp knew exactly what was down there. I started crying. I couldn’t control myself. I told Alex that it was horrible and that I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had wanted information and now that I had it, I didn’t know if I wanted it anymore or if I could do anything with it.

He held me in his arms, which were very strong, and I realized how nice it felt. Actually, I remembered how I had lied to him for a long time in order to get to another secret I was seeking. He knew who I was and, instead of trying to arrest me or something, he was hugging me and trying to make me feel better. We looked at each other’s eyes and I realized he was crying but I never got to know why that was. Someone was knocking on the door and Alex opened it. He got out and I got confused for a second and then I saw Michael coming in.

 He closed the door behind him and demanded me to tell him what I had seen in the cave. I told him he knew exactly what I had seen and demanded his thugs to let me out of the camp. Michael smiled in the most awful and disrespectful way and told me that now I was theirs and that I had to work with them as a mean of payment for what I had seen. I told him he was insane if he thought I would tell anyone about what they were keeping underground. I would never be able to reveal such a secret to anyone a live unless I wanted to scare them for life.

 He grabbed me by the arm and reminded me how I had thought I had used him to get inside that camp. Now, he was giving the orders and the most important one was that I wasn’t going to get out of there anytime soon. Then, I felt the most awful look all over my body. His eyes felt like the most awful medical devices, making me feel more than naked, almost violated. He got out of the trailer without even closing the door and I collapsed on my knees. My job, my life choices, had taken their toll on me and now I had become something I had never wanted to be: a prisoner. Basically, they had beaten me at my own game.

viernes, 1 de julio de 2016

Aromas y dolores

   El olor del lugar era penetrante, un aroma que contenía mucho otros, que despertaba los sentidos y hacía sentir cosquillas en todo el cuerpo. La tienda era pequeña pero el restaurante al fondo era mucho más grande. El local estaba ubicado en una de esas viejas casonas, por lo que la mayoría de mesas estaban ubicadas en un pequeño patio central donde la gente podía comer a la luz del sol, protegidos por una claraboya por si arrancaba a llover en cualquier momento.

 Mucha gente se daba cita en el lugar. Desde colegiales enamorados a miembros de grupos ilícitos. Claro, estos últimos iban bien vestidos y arreglados y solo sabía uno que habían estado allí cuando, días después, aparecían muertos en el periódico y uno se daba cuenta de quienes eran. También iba gente mayor a la que le encantaba el dulce y muchos turistas que pasaban por la zona y deseaban probar algo auténticamente nacional, el sabor local, por decirlo de alguna manera.

 Ese sabor no era uno, eran muchos, igual que los olores en el corredor que conectaba la tienda con el restaurante. A un lado de ese corredor, de uno cinco metros de largo por uno de ancho, estaba la cocina. Para poderla meter allí tuvieron que juntar dos habitaciones de la vieja casa, tumbando una pared que alguna vez había estado allí. Era el único cambio drástico hecho en la propiedad. De resto, todo era exactamente como en la época en la que la habían construido.

 Eso había sido, por lo menos, hace unos cien años. Pero el método de construcción había sido tan bueno, que solo tenían que hacer arreglos generales cada diez años o más. La casa había sido propiedad de una familia por mucho tiempo hasta que la línea de hijos se fue desvaneciendo hasta que el último la perdió en un evento que solo los visitantes más asiduos del restaurante conocían.

 Hacía unos veinte años, cuando la casa todavía era una de familia, un intruso se coló y mató con un cuchillo que encontró en la cocina a todos los habitantes de la casa. En ese momento, eran cinco las personas que vivían allí. A todas las había matado en la cama y, según decían, solo la última victima gritó pidiendo ayuda. El resto, al parecer, no tuvo ese lujo de darse cuenta de lo que estaba pasando.

 Los que conocían la historia, también sabían de los fantasmas que se suponía habitaban el recinto. Se decía que por las noches se oían los pasos del asesino por el pasillo y que algunas de las empleadas del restaurante encontraban a veces un cuchillo tirado en el piso, como sugiriendo el arma homicida. Otros decían que se veían a veces manchas de sangre de los muertos y otros que el aire se sentía pesado, como “respirado”.

 En todo caso, la mayoría de personas no sabían nada de eso. La única persona que compró la casa, a sabiendas de lo que había pasado, fue una mujer que por muchos años había sido vecina de la familia asesinada. Cuando le preguntaban sobre ellos, decía que su muerte había sido una tragedia pero que la verdad era que no eran las personas más agradables del mundo. Decía que el padre era un borracho y que le pegaba a su esposa casi todos los días.

 Además, muchos sabían que odiaba a su madre porque ella misma era vista en la puerta gritándole insultos a su propio hijo, cosa que en esa época a la gente le parecía muy divertido. Los otros habitantes de la casa eran los hijos de la pareja. Había una jovencita de unos dieciocho años, que todo el mundo decía ver con uno y otro chico por todos lados, y un niño pequeño de uno nueve años que se la pasaba solo en casa, con la abuela. Muchos le tenían lástima por la familia que le había tocado.

 La quinta muerta, contando a la abuela, era la esposa sufrida. Los propietarios de las tiendas en los alrededores juraban que siempre que la veían, la mujer tenían algún morado nuevo en el cuerpo, fuese en los brazos o en  la cara o en el cuello o se quejaba de algún dolor en las costillas o en las piernas. Era obvio lo que pasaba en su casa, incluso para aquellos que no eran chismosos como la gran mayoría. Pero, como casi toda la gente, en esa época nadie se metía en esos problemas.

 Ella jamás lo denunció e incluso amenazó a la policía cuando vinieron a llamar a su puerta una noche. Al parecer un vecino había denunciado ruidos molestos “que no dejaban dormir”. A pesar de ser obvio, nadie denunciaba violencia domestica para no meterse en problemas. Vinieron dos policías y les abrió la puerta el niño pequeño que estaba despierto casi siempre hasta tarde, escuchando los gritos de sus padres.

 Cuando la mujer se dio cuenta, o mejor dicho cuando estuvo libre del arranque de rabia de su marido esa noche, fue ella misma la que fue hasta la puerta y, golpeada como estaba, cogió la escoba y los echó gritándoles que se metieran en sus asuntos. Los policías trataron de hablar con ella pero la mujer solo los empujaba de su casa hasta que estuvieron afuera. Les cerró la puerta en la cara y la policía jamás volvió.

 Sí, se habían dado cuenta de lo que sucedía. Y también del niño prácticamente solo. Pero eran otros tiempos y dejaron que pasara porque era más sencillo así. Si la mujer no quería ayuda era cosa de ella y no había nada que pudiesen hacer para que obligarla. Otros denunciaron ruidos luego, pero nadie acudió al llamado.

 El caso es que después del asesinato una vecina adquirió la casa. Ella misma se encargó de revivir la casa después de años de estar mal cuidada por la familia que vivía allí. Pintó todas las paredes de nuevo, cambió los suelos y reformó el patio para que tuvieran un aire de jardín de verdad. Al comienzo pensaba en alquilar la casa para ganar dinero extra. Al fin y al cabo la compra de la casa y las reformas las había hecho con lo ganado en la lotería y sabía que era una buena inversión invertir en una propiedad.

 Pero fue alguien más quién le metió en la cabeza la posibilidad de hacer algo diferente con la casa. Solo eso. Y ella comenzó a imaginar muchas cosas. Su nombre era Rosana y era viuda desde hacía unos cinco años. Tenía más de cincuenta años y todavía no se acostumbraba a estar sola. Su marido siempre había sido su gran compañía y sus hijos ahora estaban lejos, en otros países, ya construyendo vidas propias.

 Fue cuando ganó la lotería que se dio cuenta que su vida no había terminado, que podía todavía cumplir muchos más de sus deseos. Y uno de esos deseos, desde siempre, había sido estudiar repostería. Era algo que le fascinaba y con lo que había experimentado bastante en sus días de ama de casa. Seguido les hacía galletas y pastelillos a sus hijos, experimentado sabores y productos. A veces les salían cosas muy buenas y otras, cosas que apenas se podían comer.

 Era algo muy divertido pero cuando compró la casa del asesinato nunca pensó que podría poner un negocio hasta alguien le dijo que una casa no solo podría ser usada para vivir. Investigó con conocidos y se dio cuenta que, en efecto, las casas de esa zona podían tener uso comercial con un permiso. De hecho, la zona se había convertido más variado y alegre desde los asesinatos. Daba la bienvenida a negocios nuevos y eso fue lo que la hizo decidirse.

 La inversión fue grande y tuvo que usar más dinero del ganado en la lotería pero Rosana estaba seguro de que iba a ser un éxito. Compró las máquinas necesarias, los muebles, las decoraciones y contrato solo a mujeres, casi todas madres solteras que necesitaban una oportunidad para salir adelante. A todas les contó la historia de la casa, pues no quería que salieran corriendo después de la apertura. Ninguna se fue.

 En frente venderían los productos que hacían para comer en el restaurante del fondo. Las habitaciones eran depósitos. Al comienzo fue difícil pero lentamente la gente fue conociendo el lugar y pronto se hizo famoso en casi toda la ciudad. Ella atendía la tienda en persona y le encantaba hablar con sus clientes sobre la elaboración de los postres y muchas otras cosas.

 La historia de la casa había cambiado totalmente. Pero todavía se cernía sobre ella un aire de misterio, como un sentimiento raro que no dejaba descansar a las pobres almas que hacía tanto habían muerto allí, de una manera tan horrible. Sin embargo, los mil aromas que salían de la cocina parecían desarmar todo eso tan horrible, y luchaban por recuperar un espacio de las manos mismas del mal.

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016


   Sitting by the windows was probably the only good distraction I could find, the only good way to think about something else and not about… Well, about It. I remember a movie where It is also a monster, but in that case the character is fiction, it just doesn’t exist. Yet, my It does exist and he lives inside of me, more exactly, inside my mind. That’s why the only safe place for me is here, by the window, looking down on the street, looking at people that shouldn’t be out of their home at this late hour. I followed them with my eyes, from the moment I see them on one side of the street to the other and I wonder if they have to be awake because of the same reason I am awake. It makes me feel less lonely to thank someone else understand how awful it is.

 I don’t really know when it began. For me, it’s difficult to put a date on it as I have never been good with handling time. That is an awful disadvantage and, in the past, I tried to fix it by wearing two watches at the same time and looking the hour on my cellphone every ten seconds. But that only made me unstable and people feared me, called me names and, with time, I couldn’t get any work or any friends. I was particular, but not unique or anything. I just can’t seem to understand how to be a normal person and I blame It for all of this. I know, I feel, he has been with me for far longer than I can remember and that It has influenced my opinion and way of behaving in the world. Yes, I’m somewhat insane, but it’s all because of It, I’m more convinced that ever.

 It started showing in nightmares just before I lost my first job. I believe I was working in an office that had to do with publicity and advertising and all of that. I spend long hours doing designs and drawing and writing and would only go to sleep if I felt I had it finished. But that wasn’t very often because I was never really satisfied with what I did. So sleep began to be more and more scarce and that’s why now, I don’t really care about not sleeping all that much. I’m used to now. Back then I drank lots of coffee and I liked to spend my nights in a well-lit room. Not anymore. Light bothers me because it reminds of what I’m not.

 When It first appeared, I didn’t realize it would be a problem. I mean, we have all had nightmares, night terrors. We have all been woken up, sweating and panting and shaking because our minds cannot decide if you have just experienced is true or false. My problem with It is that, every time I wake up, I happen to know it was all true, because it really hurts and because, sometimes, I can see It outside of my head. Some say I have really gone insane and some others beg me to go to a psychiatrist, thinking a shrink could manage what I have inside. But they can’t, they have no idea what I’m dealing with.

   Sometimes, It takes the form of a classical monster. Maybe a huge scorpion or a spider, maybe a creature I had seen when I was little in some cartoons or I don’t know where. Some other times, It is my family, my old friends and many other people that have come in close contact with me. The fact that It can be anyone, that It can manipulate me with my own memories and feelings, is what scares me the most. Once, I thought I was having a dream about my mother, cooking a delicious dessert she used to make when I was little. The dream was just ideal but in a second it turned into a nightmare. It was my mother and she became this hideous version of herself, blaming me for her death earlier that year, blaming me for not taking good care of her.

 Looking at the night rain, I remember that was one of the awful ones. I remember waking up screaming so hard that the neighbors thought I was being attacked in my own home. The police was called and that was the first time I was put in some kind of watch list. They have one where they put all the crazy ones; all the people that have a screw loose and that may just go insane in any second. From that day I was a lunatic and from that day too I became terrified of my own mind. It was inside of him, It was me and It wasn’t at the same time. Because I refused to believe, no matter what shrinks said, that every part of that nightmare had been created by my subconscious. No, that couldn’t be right, I just wasn’t capable of that but no one existed that could say the opposite.

 My nightmares occurred more and more often and after the third time the police came into my house, I decided not to sleep at all. I medicate it myself, buying or stealing what I needed. Sometimes the Internet was enough for me to have whatever crazy medication was good enough for me not to sleep. My quest for peace began there but, I just now there won’t be any piece as long as I have that thing in my head. Because I can feel It plan and think. It’s sickening but I really do believe someone else is in my body with me and it makes me sick and I don’t want to have any part of it but I don’t get to choose.

 It’s early, probably 5AM, I hear a hammer in the distance and I know it must be the downstairs neighbor that cannot apparently get anything right in his house. But that sound, as annoying as it can be, is at least the confirmation that I’m steal alive and well and awake. He could use that hammer all day long, on my head if he wanted too, and I would be the happiest man alive because it would mean I have the upper hand and not It, never It. I eat but not as much as I used to. Those days are quite over because I am quite done myself with everything. Now I just eat to keep on going, although I don’t really know why.

 Maybe it would be better for me, for my head too, to be in a crazy jail. But then, I would be in a cell with It, every single day of my life, and I wouldn’t be able to do it. I mean, I have already thought of ending it all here, not only to stop It from hurting me again but to end every single thing that happens to me everyday. Because, if I’m honest, this is no good life to live. I’m in constant fear of myself, I am afraid of things I haven’t even seen and I cannot control myself ever. My imagination, something that was my proudest characteristic, has been destroyed by this fight that hasn’t gone anywhere. I have sacrificed so much that I don’t think I have anything else to fight with. I’ve become an empty shell and, sometimes, I cannot feel anything.

 Looking at the city at early morning is somewhat relaxing. Even with a huge headache like the ones I always have, it is really nice to see that life beyond me keeps on going and that even if I’m fucked by my life, others are thriving and are finding happiness and hope and all of those good things most people talk about. I cannot feel happiness by myself anymore and my ability to smile has been greatly diminished after hours and hours of not been able to sleep. But I can say I would smile as I have never smiled before if I knew that, with me gone, It would be gone too. I have found myself laughing at that thought and although it makes me feel crazy, I don’t really mind feeling that. I am, anyway.

 I drink lots of coffee and smoke like a chimney, my hands trembling and my skin, that skin that used to be so soft and warm, it’s turning yellow. I am losing everything that I was, one small step every single day and, to be honest, I don’t mind. Because some of these morning I feel that maybe I am winning, even if winning means my death is coming soon. I feel It move inside, I feel It complain and try to make plans in order to survive what I’m doing but, surprisingly, I seem to be much more stronger than I ever imagine I could be. After all, it’s IT that’s inside of me and not the other way around. I control this thing, this body and soul and whatever else I have inside.

 It is mine and, ultimately, I am It. But it doesn’t matter anymore. I am far beyond trying to comprehend any of what has happened, any single part of my life that makes me go crazy. I have stopped looking for answers and trying to feel again, I don’t need to know why he was using them against me and why do I have It inside. I don’t need to know all of that anymore because I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m screwed, I’m done, I surrender and there’s no shame in that. Because if I do that, It will go away. So I will die and It will die with me and we will burn in hell together and I will smile for the first time in ages because I have finally done something good on this wretched life.

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015


   Although it was supposedly summer, the island was covered by ice and some snow too. Only a few patches of green were seen from the plane but once in the ground, those patches proved to be really small and sad. A car came to pick up the three people that had arrived: a security official, an expert in virus and pandemics and a botanist. It took them only fifteen minutes to reach the northern part of the island, where the vault was located. In the past, there was only one smaller vault where all the seeds that could be found in the world had been stored. Wanting to expand the collection, the owners of the vault decided to expand to living being, although they kept them in a special substance for the body not to rot or decay with time. It was a very delicate an expensive endeavor.

 But something had happened recently: one of the specimens brought in for the collection apparently contained an unknown virus than had already killed two of the scientists working in the vault. No one in the world knew about it because the place had been properly sealed and no one that was inside during the incident had been let out yet. They had enough food for a year inside the vault and it was imperative that they solved what was the virus in order to let them go. That’s why the owners of the vault had decided to call for help and received some from private parties involved in the creation of the collection. They couldn’t ask a government entity or everyone would know.

 Doctor Patel was a renowned botanist, dedicated to find a way to feed every single child in her native India. She had travelled all over the world in order to find every type of seed and nourishment that could help her achieve her goal. And, although she had not revealed it to anyone, she thought she was fairly close to achieving that dream. Ironically, one of the elements that she needed to complete her task was kept inside the vault and it was just days before she applies for a visit that she had been summoned due to her expertise with plants. She knew everything about them and it seemed that the people from the vault believed that a plant had something to do with the virus that they were experiencing.

 Then there was Fred Connor, also a world-renowned scientist but in a very different field. He had studied the use of several types of viruses as weapons and had also learned every tactic used by the governments that had used biological weapons against someone else. Viruses as weapons were no joking business to him and he was too well documented not to take one case seriously. This one of the vault one particularly intriguing, as the people working there had not been able to say if the virus that they were facing was from a botanical or an animal origin. The fact that it came from a rare animal had not been confirmed. He was eager to study this apparent new virus and neutralize it.

 Someone less excited about this trip was the taller black man that joined the two scientists. He was no science man or had anything to do with any studies or viruses or animal and certainly not plants. Mister Fox, as he liked to be called, was a private security agent that had been called to assess the situation in the vault. His role was not about helping anyone in any way. His orders were to shut down the place completely if he found out that whatever was inside could be dangerous for human life and, more specifically, for the investments of many wealthy businessmen that had put a lot of money to make the vault in order to get their taxes lowered. Fox had the authorization to use force, if necessary.

 When they arrived, one of the local scientists that did not work in the vault greeted them and told them to get inside. They were a bit nervous but he told them it was the only room that hadn’t been exposed to the virus as every shipment went in through a door in the other side of the building. The vault was built underground, so the building you could see in the exterior was only a very small part of everything that was the vault. Inside, they felt a bit less cold, maybe because the space was very small and their bodies helped each other to feel a little bit better. The local scientist, called Jorgen, told them that they could talk to the people in the vault via an intercom system that even video feed.

 It was Connor who sat down in front of the screen and asked Jorgen to dial the code of three numbers. There was no tone or ring, only silence. That was until, almost an entire minute later, someone answered and an image in the screen appeared. They seemed to be in almost darkness and the person that had answered could not really be understood. As the image got better, they all realized that he was wearing a mask in order to breath a bit better. But the mask had the disadvantage of masking his voice too. He then started communicating in sign language and Doctor Patel translated, as she had learned the language when she was in medical school. The person on the screen said that three more were dead and that only him and another one remained.

 The four-person team decided to suit up with special uniforms that were originally created to enter radioactive areas. They checked every single centimeter of fabric before entering the elevator, as any hole could bring the virus into their bodies and to the surface. No one knew if it could die in the cold but the fact that it had survived the trip to the vault wasn’t a very good reference. Only Connor and Jorgen had worn these kinds of suits before, the other took some time to put them on and he tried to help them. When they were ready, Patel communicated with the people below before they entered the elevator.

 The elevator was a very small space too.  On the instructions of Jorgen, everyone practiced how to properly breathe inside the suits. They had oxygen tanks that could last up to three hours but it wasn’t a very good idea to be there all that time. The plan was to go there and just check on the survivors and help them decontaminate. Once they had done that, they could put them in quarantine in a special room and then go up to call for help. After that, they could go down again in order to investigate everything they could about the virus. Fox was not so glad about the procedure, as he didn’t want to stay longer than necessary. His boss wanted news fast and helping people would only delay that.

 Once the elevator opened, Jorgen told them to follow him. It wasn’t long before they found a large room and, at least, three bodies pilled up there.  All three visitors stopped to look at the bodies and Connor said that he had never seen anything like that before. He had being in the presence of several victims of biological incidents and none of them looked like these people: these one had no visible eyes anymore, their skin had a purple hue and their bodies seemed boneless, like puppets. Doctor Patel realized they had dirt beneath their nails and that they were barefoot. Then, there was a crash and Fox pulled out a gun and pointed in the direction of the noise. One of the remaining scientists had dropped a tray.

 It was Jorgen who reacted first, very angry that Fox had brought in a gun inside one of the pockets that was supposed to hold medicine for the wounded. No one noticed when he put it in and he ordered him to keep that thing deep in that pocket if he didn’t want to have a real problem with the local government. But as they quarreled, they hadn’t noticed that the scientist that had dropped the tray was trembling. A scream by doctor Patel came just as the man’s skin started to bleed and his eyes seemed to melt inside his head. Then his body collapsed. Like the others, he was barefoot. The team ran towards the elevator and pressed up. As the machine moved slowly, they were panting.

 Once up, they were not able to speak or move. It was Connor that said that the other scientist was probably contaminated as well. He was about to remove his helmet when Fox stopped him and told him not to remove it, as they could have been contaminated. This statement by Fox surprised them all but no one said anything to him. They just headed for the chemical showers, which would clean up very single trace of the pathogen of their suits, if they had it at all. As they showered together, they discussed the horrible nature of the virus and how devastating it looked. None of them could believe something like that was real.

 They were not paying attention when something crawled in the showers. It had entered the elevator when they did and it decided to crawl up in a corner and just stay there and wait. After all, it had a way of waiting, a certain patience. It was the creature they had brought in but it didn’t look like it anymore. And it was getting near the cold, were it could finally feel much stronger.