jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016


   The end of the lines was just next to a Mexican food stand, were many people ate, unaware that the line that was getting longer and longer had nothing to do with the food they were eating.

 The last two people to get to the line were a couple, a woman named Mel and a man named Jon. They had come to the park because they wanted to ride The Abomination, a very tall and long rollercoaster, built out of steel and wood at the same time. It was one of a kind and had landed the best reviews for a rollercoaster in a while.

 The couple had come all the way from another country just to have a go in the rollercoaster. The ride was supposed to last for a whole minute but the expected time in line was a bout two hours. That’s why the people from the park had to relocate some garbage bins and benches in order to put up a special place were people could make the line. It extended all over the park and it was cut at some places in order to let other visitors to the park move around with ease.

 In every place where the line was cut, there was a supervisor checking that every person in the line had a decent behavior and that no one got in line out of nowhere. If they discovered someone left or cut in front or behind their friends, there were taking out of the line very rapidly by the security agents of the park. So it was a very tense place.

 People would also have food in there. As many had backpacks, they brought everything they needed as they waited on line. The only thing they took care about was the amount of liquid they drank. It was hard because the sky was clear and the temperature had begun to rise dramatically. Yet, they didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom and then lose their seat, so everyone took very small sips and only if they felt really thirsty.

 Mel and Jon had drunk a lot of water before going to the park and had also eaten all that they could back in the hotel. They had complimentary breakfast so they stuffed themselves with everything and even brought some food in Mel’s purse in case they had the urge for something with sugar or to eat something after the long wait.

 They also had cards and videogames in their cellphones, which many were playing. Others decided to just chat with the people they had come in or they would simply eat because they had left their hotels early in order to be the first group in line. Needless to say that the first train that day had left with people that had camped outside the park, something that was supposedly forbidden but they had found the way to do it without the police arresting them or something.

 Jon was the one that had taken her girlfriend into the world of rollercoaster. Since being a young boy, he had been an enthusiast because they lived in a town with many rollercoasters, where people fro mall over came to ride them. So he thought there had to be something great about those structures and he eventually discovered there was, when he was finally able to ride all of them. The day he turned eighteen years old, he rode a rollercoaster called Dragon slayer. He was so happy that day that he celebrated his birthday right on the park with all his family and friends.

 Mel had never really been a fanatic of rollercoasters. She had rode some in her younger years but she had never really seen the interest of riding rollercoasters. When she met Jon, it was obvious he was a fanatic and, at first, it seemed there was going to be a problem about that because he was too obsessed the subject. What she did was taking him a away of all of that, at least for some time a week, in order for him to know there were other things in life he could be trying.

 That’s how she got him to try a variety of food they had never eaten, especially very spicy food. He got really hooked on that, to the point he bought a bottle of Tabasco every single time he went out to a supermarket. His parents noticed right away and asked him if he was ok and he answered that he was very happy with Mel. Instantly, they blamed her for every change his son showed in the next months, something she had to live with every single time she visited their home.

 Eventually, she got to convince them, by actions, that it was their son that had a problem. Everything obsessed him with an incredible ease. He grew attached to things in a matter of minutes after knowing them. It was amazing the amount of foreign food he brought home, the amount of sports he tried to be involved in and the way he got involved in every single thing.

 When Mel convinced him of playing volleyball with her and her friends, he grew extremely competitive after a single match. Even after hurting one of her friends after hitting her face, Jon’s enthusiasm wouldn’t go out. By the following week, he had already bought a net to put on his family’s backyard as well as an official volleyball and the proper attire to play the game. He started watching matches in TV, surprising his father who had never seen him enthusiastic about a sport.

The same thing happened to him with rollercoasters, with other sports such as basketball and softball, with spicy food, confectionery and even with the grooming of his dog Mordo. He grew to be obsessed with every single thing, driving people around him mad.

 Mel was the first to talk to his parents about it and, surprisingly, they agreed with her. It was obvious there was a problem to be solved and it had to be addressed before Jon was older, before he had to start working somewhere or prior to someone taking advantage for those obsessions, because he was sincere and innocent in some way when he had that uncontrollable rush to be into something. They all agreed they would help him overcome his problem.

The first difficult thing was to actually speak to him and tell him what they thought was happening and what they thought could be a good thing to do. He wasn’t really convinced but he listened to Mel when she asked him to go to a therapist she knew very well. It was the father of one of her best friends and he was a very well renowned professional that helped various types of people to improve their mental health by doing exercises and talking a lot.

 Not surprisingly, Jon got really hooked up with going to the shrink. He would be there thirty minutes earlier and would try for Dr. Bernstein to let him stay longer, as he thought it was very interesting how he dug into people’s minds with his knowledge. Mel was very disappointed at first. It was then when she realized it would probably be for the best if she ended up the relationship, no matter how much she loved Jon. The situation could drive her insane and she didn’t want that for her life.

 But then, something happened. As Jon had to talk about his problems, had to really dig deep into his past, his present and his thoughts on life, his enthusiasm begun to dwindle down after a full month going to visit Dr. Bernstein. When he came back from there, he would never talk a lot and would prefer to play his videogames or work to get his degree in engineering. He grew very quiet around that time and his parents got very worried and, again, blamed the girlfriend.

 Eventually, she was invited to join one of the appointments. It was the first time she saw Jon cry and the doctor explained him they had found the cause of his obsessions. It was simply because he needed things to be trustworthy, he needed to trust into objects that would always satisfy him. It was not a surprise, as he had always had problems dealing with people. He had few friends and he had met Mel practically by chance.

 So they visited the Abomination as a way of atoning all of those awful feelings he associated with people and with objects. The idea was for him to say goodbye to his obsessions and just live a life where he could like something without it becoming a huge thing in his life.

 After two hours in line, a bit hungry and dehydrated, they entered the car in the Abomination. They sat down and put on the safety bar down. Then, he took Mel’s hand and smiled. She hoped that was a good sign.

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016


   Los zapatos ya estaban atrás, hechos pedazos por lo duro del camino y porque era peor tenerlos puestos que no tener nada. Las medias también desaparecieron eventualmente, no mucho después. Su paso era lento pero constante, no había día que no caminara, no había día que no moviera su cuerpo hacia delante y planeara algo que hacer. Debía hacerlo o sino perdería la razón.

 Con frecuencia hablaba solo o fingía hablarle alguna persona que no estaba allí. Era algo necesario para que no se volviera loco. Eso podría parecer que no tenía sentido pero era mejor para él gritar decirlo todo en voz alta, para que sus ideas fueran lo más claras posibles y sus ganas no se vieran reducidas a nada por el clima y las diferentes cosas que pudiesen pasarlo en un día normal caminando por el mundo.

 Seguían habiendo animales y esos podían ser los encuentros más difíciles. Había algunos que parecían haber crecido. Ahora era más atemorizantes que antes y había que saber evitarlos. Si eso no era posible, había que saber como asustarlos para que se alejaran con rapidez o él pudiese alejarse con rapidez. Había osos y lobos y gatos salvajes e incluso animales más pequeños pero igual de agresivos. Al fin y al cabo la escasez de comida era general y a todos les tocaba tratar de encontrar comida en un mundo donde no quedaba mucho.

 Con el tiempo, además de los zapatos y las medias, perdió toda la demás ropa y solo se quedó con una chaqueta que había encontrado en uno de los muchos edificios abandonados. Le quedaba grande, llegándole hasta por encima de las rodillas. Era una chaqueta gruesa, que daba calor y tenía una superficie muy caliente en el interior. Era perfecta para dormir en la noche en sitios fríos o para evitar tocar el suelo cuando estaba cubierto de vidrios o de piedras.

 Gente ya no había o no parecía haber. Mucha había muerto en las revueltas del pasado y otros habían perecido después, por la falta de comida y de oportunidades de supervivencia. Porque en el mundo ya no había nada de lo de antes. El mundo conectado que había habido por tanto tiempo ya no existía y ahora tocaba conformarse con uno que apenas podía mantenerse vivo.

 Era difícil tener que viajar y caminar todo el tiempo, pero así eran las cosas y no tenía sentido quejarse de nada. Cuando empezó, todo era más difícil: lloraba seguido y pensaba que moriría después de unos días. Pero fue encontrando comida, fue planeando a partir de mapas viejos y del clima que cada vez era más cálido y pesado. Supo defenderse y solo siguió adelante, sin mirar atrás.

 Por supuesto, recordaba a sus padres, al resto de su familia, a sus amigos e incluso a esas personas que solo veía una vez a la semana en el supermercado o lugares por el estilo. Todo los días pensaba en todos ellos y se preguntaba que había pasado, como habrían sido sus últimos días en la Tierra. Esperaba que ninguno de ellos hubiese sufrido. Eso era lo único que uno podía esperar. De resto era difícil exigir mucho pues no había de donde ponerse quisquilloso.

 Los primeros meses se desplazó por todo su país únicamente, a veces siguiendo las carreteras y otras veces siguiendo los lindes marcados de muchos de los terrenos que habían pertenecido, alguna vez, a los poderosos. Se reía de eso. Se reía de la gente que había acumulado riquezas de todo tipo y ahora ya no estaba por ninguna parte. Estaban muertos y de nada les servía tener todo lo que habían tenido. A la muerte le da igual cuantas propiedades tiene alguien.

 La carretera era más fácil de recorred pero había el inconveniente de que muchos de los animales más agresivos se habían dado cuenta de lo mismo. No era extraño ver grupos de lobos pasearse campantes por la carretera, como si fueran vacaciones. Eran seres inteligentes y se daban cuenta de todo lo que el hombre había construido y trataban de sacarle provecho. No solo a las carreteras sino también a los campos que ahora eran lugares con hierba crecida pero mucho alimento sin controlar.

 Pero casi siempre llegaban primero los más rápidos y acababan con todo. Los tiempos de compartir y ser amable se habían terminado hacía mucho. Los pájaros acababan con un cultivo en unos pocos minutos y los lobos atacan a los animales menores y solo dejaban los huesos. El humano que viajaba descalzo muy pocas veces podía comer carne porque, además del problema de no encontrarla, estaba el lío para cocinar y que el humo no alertara a los depredadores.

 En esos casos, comía la carne cruda. El sabor era asqueroso al comienzo pero después se fue acostumbrando. Tenía que comer lo que había, lo que encontrara, o sino moriría de hambre y esa no era una opción que se planteara. Era algo extraño pero seguía echando para adelante, seguía pensando que valía la pena seguir viviendo.

 Era un mundo vuelto al revés, al borde del colapso total. Era algo que se podía ver todos los días, al atardecer, cuando las partículas de las explosiones nucleares flotaban en el aire y se veían allá arriba, como estacionadas, recordándole a la poca humanidad que había que su tiempo se había terminado.

 Sin embargo, él seguía adelante. Escalaba montañas y hacía los mayores esfuerzos para comer al menos una vez al día, fuesen bichos o carne cruda o solo plantas que otros animales no hubiesen atacado ya. Muchas veces tenía que parar y hacer una pausa en su vida salvaje. Al fin y al cabo, seguía siendo un ser humano. Seguía necesitando cosas que los humanos habían juzgado necesarias.

 Un ejemplo de ello era el baño. Se metía al menos dos veces a la semana en algún río o lago para quitarse la suciedad acumulada en la piel. Se limpiaba con hojas o con objetos que hubiese encontrado en el camino. En los bolsillos de la chaqueta guardaba pequeños tesoros, como una pequeña esponja de baño casi nueva, y los conservaba cerca como si fueran sus más grandes tesoros.

 Cuando estaba en el río, o donde fuese, usaba la esponja con cuidado y sentía, por algunos momentos, que volvía a ser un ser completamente civilizado. Sonreía y se imaginaba estando en uno de esos grandes baños en los que hombres y mujeres compartían anécdotas y noticias en el pasado. Eran baños agua caliente y con mucho vapor pero eran relajantes. De esos casi no había. En todo caso su imaginación era interrumpida siempre por algún aullido o algún otro sonido que le recordaba que el mundo ya no era el mismo.

 No lloraba. Era algo raro. No sabía si era que no podía o si no tenía razones reales para hacerlo. El caso es que no lo hacía nunca, así se golpeara en los pies o si se le clavaba una espina o un vidrio en alguna parte del cuerpo. No había lagrimas. Lo que había, era insultos y gritos. Porque se había dado cuenta que los animales todavía le tenían aprensión a la voz humana y cuando pensaban que había muchos cerca, simplemente no se acercaban. Al menos tenía una ventaja todavía y la usaba cuando estaba frustrado.

 Estarse moviendo todo el día era difícil. Hubiese querido poder quedarse en un solo sitio y vivir allí para siempre, tal vez incluso morir en un sitio de su elección. Pero, al parecer, ya no podría elegir nada en su vida. Le tocaba aceptar lo que había y seguir adelante. Ya no había felicidad ni tristeza. Todo era un sentimiento tibio, ahí en la mitad de todo en el que no había cabida para nada demasiado complejo.

 Alguna vez se encontró a otro ser humano. Estaba agonizando entre los escombros de una casa que parecía haberse venido abajo. Quien sabe cuanto había podido vivir ahí. Pero todo termina y así había terminado la pobre, sepultada por su propio hogar. Lo único que él hizo fue seguir caminando y no mirar atrás. No valía la pena.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2016


   Slowly, everything appeared to make its way to a box. It begin on a Monday and by Wednesday, most of the objects in the house were already in one of the many boxes. As the family had lived there for so long, there were many, many boxes, which piled up in some corners and then disappeared through the door, taken away by the men in blue who worked for the moving company.

 In one box it was all about CD’s and music and movies and others boxes were filled with books. Others held stacks of papers that were useful or not at all useful. The most precious objects were wrapped in plastic and then put in their respective box. That plastic was all over the house, the children having played with it. But, after Wednesday, children appeared to have been boxed too because they were nowhere to be seen.

 Their father had taken them with him in order to prepare everything in the new home. The idea was for them to arrive before any of the boxes did and help settle everything on the other side of the world. The woman, the mom, would stay behind making sure every single object in their house was properly treated and that nothing was left behind. They decided it should be her who stayed behind because she was more organized and more attentive to detail, so she could realize when something was being done wrong or if something had been left behind or anything like that.

 The day her husband and children left, she was free to cry for a good while in her room. She had loved that room since the first day there and was heartbroken they had do to leave. It was a silly thing to be so attached to a place but that’s what humans are like, we form very tight relationships with inanimate objects, with things that will inevitably change someday. We make our lives harder that way but we kind of love it. We do like to suffer over silly things.

 After crying like a fool, she decided it was best to get organized and make the process faster because she didn’t wanted to be away from her family for a long time. So Thursday morning she made a list of the boxes that were still in the house and the objects that hadn’t been wrapped or put away. None of their paintings had been taken care off, as well as some of the kitchen objects that she used quite often.

 It was so difficult to organize because they had so many things. Not only because they had bought them but they were also gifts and things that the families passed on. She realized they had things they hadn’t even seen in a couple of years and that was ridiculous. She had to work a lot to organize the process and to try for her family in the other side to have what they needed soon.

 The furniture was already there as well as the big appliances like the fridge and so on, but they didn’t have many of the basic things like cutlery or the children’s toys in order for them not to get bored. That hadn’t been planned correctly and the mother had to make it all as efficient as she could.

 By Saturday, the house was practically empty. There were only couples of boxes left, which were going to travel with her to the other side of the world. The trip would take her many hours and she would have to take two planes by herself, which seemed like a very horrible thing to do by herself. The truth was that she had always been with someone in her life, whether it was her parents or her husband or a friend or her children. Someone had always taken her hand when the turbulence hit the plane or when the car ride was getting too long.

She had to prepare for that mentally, as she would travel the very next day. On Saturday afternoon she put the boxes and her suitcases by the door and gave a last grand tour of her house. They had lived there since they had gotten married, twenty years earlier. They had seen the house many times from afar so, when it became available for rent, they launched themselves at it and tried by all means to be the ones to live there. There were many others interested and it was a long and annoying process but, at the end, they got the deal.

 As she walked through the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms, she realized every major event in her life had taken place there or was connected to the house. Her wedding was only a month prior to moving and even on that day she dreamt about the house she was going to have and it was amazing how that house in her mind was similar to the real house she ended up living in.

 The birth of her two children had taken place while living there, as well as the death of her parents and the engagement of her brother and many other happy and sad moments. She had organized parties and had also stayed in on rainy days with her husband and just hugged and watched movies. She had played with her children, running around as if she was a child again and she had cried when life threw them a curveball.

 Her favorite part of the house was the backyard, a fairly nice extension of well cut grass that extended some meters away from the house. It was her favorite place because she loved to read there, to exercise, to play with her children and even to make love with her husband. Even if it was a place outside, it fell as a very private part of her world. She could be herself there and no one would know or care.

 On Sunday morning, she had a big breakfast on one of her favorite restaurants. She wanted to treat herself before leaving the city she had been living in for so many years, since she had been born. They had held a party to say goodbye a week earlier but she managed to visit a couple of very good friends again before living. She stood strong as she talked to them but when she got home she cried and realized how much her life was going to change.

 She had a couple more hours to spare so she grabbed the book she was reading at that moment and just laid down in the grass in the backyard. She put the book away very soon and just looked up, to the sky and then to the side, to the grass and the fence that separated her home from the others. She had no choice anymore, she had to go through with it and she had to try to enjoy the adventure because if she didn’t, being miserable would take a toll on her.

 Her transport arrived just in time. She made sure she had everything and gave one last look to the house before leaving, trying not to extend the pain for too long. The boxes were inside the taxi as well as her suitcases so they left for the airport in seconds. On the way there, she didn’t say a word. She wasn’t really the kind of person to talk to a stranger but right then, she wouldn’t have talked to a friend either.

 In the airport, she paid for the extra weight of her luggage and then passed through the emigration area. The man that checked her passport was very silent and she was thankful for that. He asked her what was her business in her destination and he told her, choking up a little, that she was moving there because of her husband’s work. The man nodded and put on the seal on her passport and let her pass.

 She went directly to the assigned door and sat down, as she felt heavy, she felt a horrible weight on her back that couldn’t be properly lifted. She wanted to cry and scream but she also knew that wouldn’t help at all because everything was done, there was no turning back in the decisions she and her husband had made a while ago. Things were as they were and they couldn’t be changed.

 The boarding procedure begun some minutes later and she was one of the last passengers to board. Her husband had paid for business class seats on both her flights, so she could be more relaxed because he knew her and wanted her to know she didn’t have to be uneasy. As she sat down, she took a deep breath and thought she was going to see her family very soon. They were buying a cake to celebrate being together and she was going to adapt quick, as it always happens.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Abrazo real

   El abrazo pareció real. Se sentía. Era como si no solo él sino muchos otros estuvieran también abrazándome en ese mismo momento. Sentí que duró más de lo normal y, para cuando todo había cambiado de nuevo, me sentía menos desubicado de lo normal.

 Los colores, los tonos de las cosas, eran completamente diferentes a lo que estoy acostumbrado pero pude comprender porque todo era de esa manera de la manera más rápida. La idea no era poner en duda todo lo que viera sino aceptar que estaba en un lugar que había visto antes pero que jamás había visitado.

 Es increíble como funciona todo porque, incluso con una interrupción, todo siguió como si fuera algo seguido, como si en verdad estuviese viendo un capitulo en la televisión, lo más normal del mundo. Pero no, estaba soñando. Eso sí, era un sueño bastante único, bastante difícil de repetir y de comprender.

 Todo parecía estar basado en una serie de televisión y mi cerebro había copiado la mayoría de cosas lo mejor que había podido. No todo era igual a la serie pero eso no me importó, no era algo crucial. Incluso creo que mucha de la gente que aparecía por ahí no eran los mismos pero eso no era importante porque la historia que yo veía frente a mis ojos era ligeramente diferente.

 Nunca me puse a pensar en lo que yo tenía puesto pero sí me fijé en los trajes de los demás. Estoy seguro que había soñado otra cosa antes y por eso me estaba fijando en todo tanto. Mejor dicho, sabía que estaba soñando pero no traicionaba la idea del sueño cuando hablaba con los demás personajes creados por mi mente. Ellos creían que eran reales y yo no iba a dañar esa idea por nada. Era divertido exagerar en lo que decía y lo mejor es que siempre sabía que decir.

 El clima y el entorno en general era bastante gris, oscuro y cruel. Tal vez tendría algo de frío esa noche pero no lo recuerdo. El caso es que no fue difícil imaginarme algo de nieve y de viento frío para adecuar toda la escena. Todavía me da algo de risa lo consciente que estaba durante todo el tiempo. Era como si supiera un secreto que el resto de los personajes no sabían.

 Pero, sin embargo, todo acabó de la mejor manera posible o al menos eso creo. Supongo que me despertó la alarma ese día y supongo que eso interrumpió mi sueño de golpe pero la verdad no lo recuerdo. Solo recuerdo haberlo abrazado y haber sentido que era verdad, que podía sentir su fuerza alrededor mío.

 Cuando me desperté, por supuesto, estaba decepcionado. No solo porque no había nadie que me abrazara así sino porque necesitaba ese abrazo, necesitaba ese alguien que me confortara, que me dijera algo positivo, que me ayudase a seguir adelante. A veces es difícil hacerlo todo por cuenta propia y es normal desear que alguien más venga y ayude, que alguien más te haga sentir que todo vale la pena y que hay muchas cosas más allá de lo que ves en el mundo e incluso de lo que sueñas.

 Pero yo no tenía a esa persona. Es decir, no la tengo. Por eso ese abrazo fue tan especial, tan extraño y tan necesario. No me abrazó el personaje pero supongo que fui yo mismo que decidí darme algo que pudiese darme un pequeño empujón hacia delante. No sé si era algo que necesitase con urgencia pero debo decir que se sintió bastante bien cuando sucedió. Tanto así, que pensé haberlo olvidado pero en mi cabeza todavía estaba fresco el recuerdo del abrazo varios días después.

 En mi vida diaria soporto el desorden y la falta de limpieza y de sentido común de los demás. A veces los odio y a veces me da igual porque pienso que no es para siempre y no lo es. Pero es difícil, no es algo sencillo tener que respirar lentamente y recordar eso todos los días, cuando la gente no ayuda a que las cosas funcionen tan bien como podrían. Me hace preguntarme si, cuando la gente se queja de sus vidas, en verdad se quejan de sus errores y no se dan cuenta de que todo podría ser más simple.

 Tengo eso. Y también tengo gente alrededor que solo está pero nada más. No voy a mentir y decir que todo es culpa de los demás. Muchas veces a mi no me da la gana de comunicarme o soy yo el que tiene problemas para establecer puentes pero la mayoría de las veces creo que lo hago con razón.

 Creo que es importante, por ejemplo, que haya confianza y que no haya falsedades entre la gente. Por eso el abrazo fue real. Porque no había nada entre nosotros dos, no había fricciones ni nada incomodo. Éramos dos seres de verdad sintiéndonos comunicados.

 En cambio en otras ocasiones simplemente no se siente eso. Si acaso se siente una exclusión que tal vez no es consciente pero si es casi sólida. Pero ya a estas alturas de la vida no es algo importante pues la gente decide como hacer sus cosas y no tengo ya ganas de forzarme encima de nadie. Nunca tuve esa gana de que me quisieran, de que me pusieran atención y de ser un centro de atención constante. De pronto uno temporal pero jamás uno que trabaje las veinticuatro horas del día. El caso es, que no hay nadie que me de ese abrazo, ese mismo.

 Hay muchos abrazos pero algunos se sienten incompletos, vacíos o extraños. Hay abrazos que simplemente no son confortables, se sienten como algo que no debería ser, como algo que no tiene lugar. Y por eso prefiero los abrazos que vienen de los dos lados, que son sinceros y que no son forzados por una u otra razón.

 En fin. Salí a caminar después de mi sueño y no sé qué ve la gente pero me gusta que no me miren tanto, a parte de mi pelo que tal vez les parezca gracioso. Caminé cales y calles, a veces rápido y otras veces más lento y siempre pensando que es lo que necesito y cual es el siguiente paso. Para cuando llegué al mar, no tenía ninguna respuesta y ya me había dado por vencido. No tengo ni idea que es lo siguiente o que debo hacer y mucho menos porqué hacerlo. No lo sé.

 Me senté en la playa y me quedé mirando el agua un buen rato. Las olas son algo hipnótico, tienen esa cualidad de hacerte pensar al ser algo ligeramente repetitivo. Tratando de evitar la arena en mis zapatos, volví a pensar en lo que pasaba pero, como siempre, supo muy bien que era lo que no quería y eso es fácil. Es muy sencillo concluir que es lo que no quieres en la vida porque seguramente ya has tenido que estar frente a esos retos y los has vencido o no los has superado por alguna razón.

 Pero saber qué quieres, decidir cual es tu próximo paso, es algo que no es fácil. No es simple ni evidente y pienso, personalmente, que es una cosa que se entiende en un momento determinado y nunca antes. Tal vez encima del momento en el que hay que tomar la decisión pero así son las cosas, nunca son perfectamente oportunas y hay que vivir con eso.

 Caminé de vuelta por la orilla y casi no vi a la gente. Había mucha y gritaban y hablaban y jugaban pero no les puse demasiada atención porque no tenían nada interesante para darme, nada que yo pudiese usar para aprender lo que necesito aprender, sea lo que eso sea.

No sé… No es culpa de nadie porque es cosa mía saber que viene después. Es cosa mía saber relajarme, saber aceptar que el tiempo es algo que existe y que debo tener paciencia. Creo que en parte de eso iba mi sueño. Podría ser una serie de televisión pero todo fue tan lento, tan pausado y con tanto detalle, que creo que la idea era hacerme ver que hay lugar para tomarse el tiempo y pensar e incluso disfrutar.

 Hay que tomar todo como esté pero en el momento que esté, no antes ni después porque o sino hay un riesgo de nunca ver lo que pasa sino después o antes de que pase y esa no es manera de vivir.

 El caso es que sigo esperando mi abrazo. Espero al menos uno más, muy pronto.